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Small Latin and Less Greek: English Literature and the Classics.

Join tutor Martin Thorpe as we consider the influence on English literature of the literature of Greece and Rome. Some of the topics we may consider include:

  • How much Latin and Greek did English writers know in the original and what authors did they read? 
  • How much can you get out of a translation? 
  • ‘Latin is a language as dead as dead can be’.  What makes a language dead?  Are the Classics dead? When did they die?
  • How does the influence operate? Translation, inspiration, imitation and parody
  • The literary traditions: epic, tragedy, satire, lyric, comedy, history all have their origins in Greece or Rome. What about the novel? the film?  

Martin Thorpe read Classics at Cambridge. He's been an active member of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, serving as chairman and president.  He has been tutor for a number of adult courses locally.


Ludlow Museum Resource Centre, 7/9 Parkway SY8 2PG


Thursdays: 2, 16, 30 November 2017




£45 (includes refreshments)

Vegetation and colour - art classes with Angela Gladwell MA (Royal College of Art)

We haven’t concentrated on colour specifically before. This theme can cover all types of vegetable and plant life. We can take advantage of autumn colours and winter dead leaves and the structure of bare trees. We can include fruit, vegetables, fungi and flowers according to what may be available. 

The course will follow our usual pattern of the first term being for observation studies, which are helpful for improving drawing and painting skills and good practice with organising materials. However we'll also work with colour just as itself to fully appreciate the possibilities it offers.  The second term will be for producing a finished composition. Final work can be approached as straightforward still life, botanical studies, surreal visions or graphic designs and patterns.

Course participants will need to bring watercolour oil or acrylic materials for the first session, as well as basic drawing equipment. 

The course is suitable for all abilities, and tuition is on an individual basis. 

  • First term: Monday 2 October 2017 for nine weeks
  • Second term: Monday 8 January 2018 for nine weeks
  • Morning and afternoon classes
  • Cost: £96 per term
  • Where: Ludlow Museum Resource Centre, 7-9 Park Way, Ludlow SY8 2PG


Ludlow Museum Resource Centre
01743 250505
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