Shropshire Council

Research - museum collections

Our museum collections are an important resource for academic and personal study. You may be researching your home, a family tree or simply want to know more about a particular aspect of Shropshire’s past. Scholars and students use our material to further their work. Our staff may ask you to share your research with us to help develop the services we offer and to help make our collections more accessible to other users.

As an accredited museum we're obliged to ensure the safety of our collections and that any special conditions regarding access and usage set by our depositors are honoured. Therefore, there are set procedures for arranging and undertaking research.

Arranging access

If you wish to arrange an appointment to view part of our collection, our library of books and journals or consult one of our databases please contact us. At least two weeks advance notice is needed for any proposed appointment. Further visits can be arranged by making an appointment with a member of staff during your initial visit.

Recording research

All researchers are asked to complete a research record form. This allows us to keep track of what parts of the collection people are most interested in. It also ensures we know who has had access to our collection and for what purpose.

Copyright issues

Copyright over all material you access will remain with Shropshire Museums.  Acknowledgement of Shropshire Museums is required in any publication linked to your research work. Any commercial use of images or information obtained during your research must be agreed in writing with Shropshire Museums. Photographs may only be used for research purposes. Photographs can only be published with written permission from Shropshire Museums. If photographs of any objects or documents are required for publication, a request should be made to Shropshire Museums in writing. For certain items arrangements will be made by us and prints or digital copies supplied at cost. Deliberate copyright infringement will be prosecuted.

Security arrangements

Please bring some photographic proof of identify with your when you visit (such as a passport or drivers licence). During your visit please leave your coat and any bags in the cloakroom or in the lockers provided. A member of staff will supervise your visit at all times. Shropshire Museums may photograph you or request references before allowing access to certain items. 

Handling guidance

On your arrival you will be given some basic guidance on object handling. Please follow these handling guidelines. You're asked to only use a pencil when making notes. No eating or drinking is allowed in the research areas. Malicious damage to or theft from our collections will be prosecuted. 


Non-compliance with these conditions may result in any future research request being declined.


We don't charge for access to collections. However, preparing material for your visit costs us on average £15 per session. Therefore we do ask that non-Shropshire residents consider making a donation of £5 towards collections care and administrative costs.