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2018-2019 Autumn and Spring Art Course with Angela Gladwell M.A. (Royal College of Art)

Event details

  • Price: £100 per term (includes tea/coffee)
  • Venue: Ludlow Museum Resource Centre
  • Topics: Arts and crafts

The idea for this course is to make a portrait. However, it may not necessarily be a conventional one. We will look at the features of human faces by drawing from observation, but we will also look at the faces of animals, birds, the eye-spots of butterflies and moths (using specimens from the Ludlow Museum collection) and we will refer to the work of artists like Frieda Kahlo, Arcimboldo, the great Elizabethan black portraits, the caricatures of Hogarth, the bird men of Max Ernst, and some of the great portrait photographers.

As usual the first term will be for research through drawing and painting in preparation for the second term which will be to produce a finished portrait. Here I want to emphasise that this final piece can be anything from a conventional depiction of someone to an unconventional and inventive painting depicting any sort of character not forgetting any visual components that will serve to add to the type of person or creature that is being shown. It could be worked out as a photomontage, is it half human and half something else; is there a place for ornamental clothing, background landscape, the disguises and masks of the Venetian Carnival?

This course will suit all abilities in that as well as tuition in basic drawing and painting, we will talk about materials, and composition.

  • Morning and afternoon classes available
  • Autumn Term - Every Monday from 1st October 2018 for 9 weeks
  • Spring Term - Every Monday from 7th January 2019 for 9 weeks

To book a place on a course or for more information, please contact Museum Education on 01743 258881 or

Ludlow Museum Resource Centre

7-9 Parkway, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2PG

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