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Homer and Virgil with Martin Thorpe

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  • Price: £45 (includes tea/coffee)
  • Venue: Ludlow Museum Resource Centre

The Greeks regarded Homer as their greatest poet, and epic as the highest form of poetry. The Romans in turn rated Virgil as their greatest poet and his Aeneid as their national poem.

We shall spend the first two sessions discussing Homer’s Iliad and Odysssey and the third on the Aeneid.

There is no set translation – indeed, the variety of English versions may be informative – but it will help if you could have read at least some of the poems. Dryden’s version of the Aeneid and Pope’s Homer have become classics of English poetry, while Robert Fagles’ modern translations of all three epics have proved popular and are available in Penguin.


Martin Thorpe read Classics at Cambridge. He has been an active member of the Joint Association of Classical Teachers, serving as chairman and president, and has been tutor for a number of courses locally.


Ludlow Museum Resource Centre

7-9 Parkway, Ludlow, Shropshire, SY8 2PG

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