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View team structures, employee records, sickness reports and much more.

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As a line manager you can

  • View team structures and employee records
  • View management reports, including team members' sickness records

As an authorising officer you can also:

  • Complete and submit eforms to record changes to posts and notify HR if an employee leaves
  • Authorise employee travel and expenses claims

View of MyTeam

This is a view of the employees you line manage. You can also view employee records that are your responsibility but not in your immediate line management. These can be viewed by clicking on the plus sign (+) of their line manager.

You can only view a team structure if you have line management responsibility for a team.

Please note that as part of this update post numbers have now changed. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with your (and your team's) post numbers so that the new numbers are used in any documentation submitted via e-forms.

If you have any queries relating to the content of your team, please speak to the MyView Team on 01743 252190 or email

Where can I access MyView?

You can access MyView from any PC with internet access. However, as a manager you have additional access that enables you to view, amend and approve your employee's records. You should only access this additional functionality when using Shropshire Council IT equipment (incl VPN).

You can access and update your own personal details with no restriction.

Please see the conditions of use document attached to this page which managers need to comply with when using MyView.

For more information email