Shropshire Council

Make a species record

If you're interested in biological recording in Shropshire, a great place to start would be to get in contact with the species recording groups county experts.

It's important for SEDN that records are validated by local species experts. The high quality data is then available for a variety of uses. For example, the data can feed into species atlases, influence habitat management plans, and aid in planning decisions.

On-line recording

We'd always encourage you to send your records directly to the local species recording group or county expert. However, if you're not a regular species recorder it's often easier for you to submit your record online.

There are various websites for online recording. iRecord and BirdTrack are both national schemes which collate data and feed it back to local record centres, national recording schemes and county recorders.

Online recording is particularly useful if you find yourself outside of Shropshire and you're unsure where you should send your record. If you require help/training with online recording please contact the Natural Environment Team at