Shropshire Council

Street cleansing

Request for information: 2013100062

1. Is Shropshire Council’s Street Cleansing service provided by a ‘Private Contractor’ or is it an ‘In house’ operation?

If the answer is ‘In-house’ then please answer questions 2, 3 and 4 only. If the answer is ‘Private Contractor’ then please answer question 5 only.

Answer: private contractor

2. As the service is provided ‘In-house’, what current resources are dedicated to this service?
a. Total number of Barrow Ground crewmen?
b. Total number of Mechanical Pavement Sweepers?
c. Total number of Mechanical Road sweepers?

3. As the service is provided ‘In-house’, who is responsible for the management of the service? And what are their names?
a. Head of Street Cleansing, Name:
b. Area Manager of Street Cleansing, Name:
c. Manager of Street Cleansing, Name:

4. As the service is provided ‘In-house’, to run the service successfully, how much did it cost to run the service in the years: 2010, 2011 and 2012?
a. The total cost for 2010 was:
b. The total cost for 2011 was:
c. The total cost for 2012 was:

5. As the service is provided by a ‘Private Contractor’, what is the name of Shropshire Council’s Private Contractor?
a. Private Contractor Name:
b. Contract Start Date:
1 April 2012
c. Contract End Date:
March 31 2018
d. Contract Period:
Six years
e. Contract Extension:
None awarded, possible extensions based upon performance outturns