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Countryside access and public rights of way

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Shropshire's Outdoor Recreation Team manages approximately 5500km of public footpaths, bridleways, byways open to all traffic (BOATs) and restricted byways (RBs). These form a network of routes which run between villages, lead to and from towns, and provide access to the countryside.

The Outdoor Recreation Team manage these routes to ensure that they're open and clearly signed on the ground, recorded at the correct status and available on the correct line. Our Countryside Recreation Team work out on the ground and the Mapping and Enforcement Team ensure the routes are open and available, and keep the legal record (the Definitive Map) under constant review and deal with all amendments to the Definitive Map including additions, deletions and diversions.

There are opportunities for all users of all abilities to enjoy this diverse and interesting landscape. To find out more visit the links on this page:

Guidance notes

Find out about public rights of way, what they are, who can use them and how they're identified on the ground.

The Outdoor Recreation Team have developed various other guidance notes on aspects of the rights of way service which you may also find helpful.

A guide for landowners and farmers

The Mapping and Enforcement Team have also produced "Public Rights of Way - a Guide for Landowners and Farmers", which outlines some of the most common issues and queries relating to public rights of way. Whilst produced primarily for landowners, the guide is useful for anyone who has an interest in accessing the countryside.

Definitive Map

The Definitive Map is the legal record of public rights of way within the county. Visit this section to find out more about the Definitive Map and the Parish Review, along with the legal processes involved in changing the Definitive Map and our current register of legal orders.

Rights and responsibilities

Shropshire Council have a number of responsibilities to undertake when dealing with the rights of way network.

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