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Temporary closures of public rights of way

Section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 allows for the temporary closure of a Public Right of Way on the grounds of public safety to enable the applicant to carry out works.  Following application, an order is made and advertised to close a route for a specified period, initially for up to six months (although this may be extended).  Where possible an alternative route is identified for users and described in the notice erected at either end of the closed route.

To make an application for a temporary closure read the guidance notes PGN 21 and download the application form.

The following is a list of current temporary closures: 

  • BW 54 Adcote Mill Bridge (GR SJ 4338 1958)  - extension to closure from 4 May for six months

  • FP 2 Morville, from the County Rd at The Lye GR SO6762 9306 north along the Mor Brook to the sewage works at GR SO6716 9365 and the section along the east side of the Mor Brook to the footbridge GR SO6730 9349 for repairs to the footbridge - extension to closure from 4 May for six months

  • FPs 3 and 40 Aston Botterell and FPs 36 and 40 Stottesdon at The Ford, Aston Botterell – Footbridge closed for repair at SO 6538 8476 from 9 December 2015 for 6 months along FP nr Ford Farm easterly then south easterly to County Road at SO 6638 8396  and from the closed bridge easterly towards Wall Fulong Farm.  Alternative route available along FP running between Ford Farm and Newton Farm and then south to Wallfurlong Rough and the County Road at SO 6638 8396.

  • FPs 23A/24A (parts) Chelmarsh at The Astbury Golf course from GR SO 7243 8849 running generally north easterly then easterly through The golf course to meet the B4555 at GR SO 7294 8875; and approximately 270 metres of FP 23A from GR SO 7276 8865 where it leaves the B4555 running generally north westerly through the golf course passing Crateford Barns to GR SO 7264 8886 where it joins the golf course access road, from 1 April 2016 for six months during construction works within the golf resort (refer to planning permissions 14/00794, 14/03609 and 14/04010 for details of the works).

    Alternative routes are available for FP 24A/23A by following the site boundary parallel to the B4555 and to the south of the definitive line between GR SO 7243 8849 and GR SO 7294 8875; and for FP 23A by following the access route off the B4555 at the main entrance to the resort at GR SO 7295 8865 generally NNW to meet the remainder of FP 23A.

    Please note that the closure will require an extension after the initial six months period for an additional 18 months.

  • FP 278 Rushbury from its junction with Bridleway 277 at GR SO 5167 9186, running generally easterly crossing a dismantled railway line and continuing to Roman Bank and its junction with Bridleway 279A at GR SO 5258 9159, a distance of approximately 970 metres, on the grounds of public safety until 23 November 2016 due to the poor condition of the footbridge crossing the Eaton Brook at the western end of the route which requires replacement. There is no alternative route in the immediate vicinity other than using the county road from Rushbury south easterly to Roman bank and then northerly along Bridleway 279 from Chapel Croft to its junction with the closed path and vice versa.

  • BW 35 (part) in the parish of Caynham where it leaves Belfry Close (off Tenbury Road) in Clee Hill at GR SO 5941 7494, running in a general north easterly direction for approximately 115 metres to the parish boundary with Coreley at GR SO 5949 7501 will continue from 16 December until June 2017.  An alternative route will be made available by the developers between the same grid references following perimeter of the field in a general north westerly direction for approximately 100 metres then then turning south easterly for approximately 35 metres to meet the parish boundary.

    This order has been extended until 16 June 2017.

  • That part of Bridleway 8, Market Drayton from SJ 6631 3485 where it leaves Restricted Byway 8 (Rush Lane), running easterly to cross the A53 at SJ 6637 3486 and continuing from SJ 6639 3484 south easterly to SJ 6647 3480 just before reaching the field boundary, a distance of approximately 185 metres,  on the grounds of public safety during the construction of a new traffic roundabout off the A53 from 1 September 2016 until 1 July 2017.  An alternative route is available from the junction of BW 8 with Restricted Byway 8 at SJ 6631 3485, running southerly along this route to SJ 6635 3473 where it enters a development site and crosses the site in a general east-north-easterly direction to SJ 6647 3480 and vice versa.

  • FP 50 (pt) Wistanstow, the level crossing which carries Footpath 50, (between Wistanstow and Craven Arms) from GR SO 4301 8389 for approximately 15 metres over the railway to SO 4303 8389 on the grounds of public safety with effect from 28 November 2016 for six months to allow Network Rail to investigate alternative arrangements for the footpath crossing of the railway.

  • FP 41 (pt) Wistanstow, the level crossing which carries Footpath 41, (approximately 10 metres) crossing the railway from grid reference SO4383 8638 to grid reference SO4385 8639 will be prohibited with effect from 10 March 2017 for six months on the grounds of public safety and to allow the re-siting and re-positioning of whistle boards to make the crossing safe. There is no alternative route in the immediate vicinity.

  • Footpath 1 (part), Parish of Clive, the level crossing which carries Footpath 1, (approximately 10 metres) crossing the railway at GR SJ 50202482 (known as Dickenson’s Farm) with effect from 23 March 2017 for six months because of the likelihood of danger to the public in lieu of work to install sufficient mitigation at this location. There an alternative parallel footpath approximately 350 metres to the north accessed via a road bridge over the railway.

  • Bridleway Bridleway UN2/14 in the parishes of Baschurch & Ruyton XI Towns from grid reference SJ 4014 2307 running generally south westerly through The Drumble wood to grid reference SJ 3958 2275, a distance of approximately 700 metres will be prohibited with immediate effect on the grounds of public safety as the bridleway is being undermined by a badger sett.

For further information please contact the Rights of Way Mapping and Enforcement team or Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9006.


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