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Free parking

31 March 2020 Last updated at 12:47

Update 2/11/2020: Please note that the information in the fourth paragraph of this page, despite being accurate at the time of publishing, is now out of date. Residents have been required to renew their permits since 1 September 2020 (you will have been notified in writing if this applies to you) and will be at risk of receiving a penalty charge notice (parking ticket) if displaying an expired permit

Update 17/11/2020: For the avoidance of doubt all information in the second paragraph of this news item, despite being accurate at the time of publishing eight months ago, has been superseded by subsequent news items. Please refer to the 'Find my nearest car park' section for all current charges.

Residents have been required to renew their permits since 01/09/2020 (they have been notified in writing) and unfortunately they are using this page to justify cancellation of their PCN and stating that they have not received the letter.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic Shropshire Council car parks will be free until further notice. However, we do appeal to everyone, whilst using our car parks, to please adhere to the government and Public Health England’s advice relating to travel and coronavirus prevention measures, particularly self-distancing.

On-street parking charges will remain so that the parking bays can be used for those needing to have easy access to essential services in the town centres, especially for those who find it difficult to walk significant distances. The 15-minute ‘pop and shop’ free parking remains available for the very short parking stay.

Customers holding a current resident's permit or season ticket are advised that we'll review these at a time when face-to-face contact is permitted, and these will remain valid until further notice. If the permit expires you don't need to purchase another permit until further notice, and if you hold a paper permit please continue to display this in your vehicle.