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Shropshire Parking Strategy

What is the parking strategy?

The parking strategy for Shropshire ensures a consistent approach to parking across the county. Prior to becoming a unitary authority, our off-street car parks fell under the control of district and borough councils, while on-street parking was the responsibility of the old county council.

The availability and effective use of car parking is an important tool in managing traffic, as well as the quality of the local environment, and has a role in supporting local economic vitality. It's important therefore that we take a coherent approach to using this asset, while reflecting the local issues in market towns.


The strategy’s aim is to manage the existing parking stock, with particular emphasis on the market towns. Any changes to provision, including park and ride, are being looked at in the next Local Transport Plan.

The strategy doesn't set parking charges, but does establish the relative pricing and principles for charging. Charges/tariffs will be set at annual budget rounds.


We reviewed all parking areas during 2010, with a particular focus on bringing consistency to off-street parking arrangements across the county. The resulting changes were implemented from April 2011.

The strategy

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