Shropshire Council

Albrighton and surrounding area

Place plans were developed to include a main centre (often a market town) and its surrounding smaller towns, villages and rural hinterland. These areas are recognised in the Local Plan as functioning geographical areas, with strong linkages to and from the main town and the wider area.

The Albrighton and Surrounding Area Place Plan covers the area identified within the red outline on the map image on this page. It summarises and prioritises the local infrastructure needs which are required to support the sustainable development of the area, and identifies the wider investment needs to assist delivery of the community’s vision and aspirations.

Data and information review

The infrastructure project list is based on information submitted to us by town and parish councils in each place plan area. This information is then tested against data held by us, and further informed by consultation with a range of infrastructure providers.

By gathering this information, we've been able to understand more clearly the needs of each place plan area and use this information to make some difficult decisions about prioritisation of projects.

Key infrastructure issues

A review of information for this area has shown that key infrastructure issues are:

  • Potential for development on land adjacent to J3 M54 (subject to Local Plan Review and Green Belt Review)
  • Flood alleviation and prevention is an ongoing concern in Albrighton which any development must address
  • Railway station access and parking improvements are required at Albrighton Station, particularly in the light of forthcoming development
  • Primary school place provision in the area will be dependent upon future development, and so a watching brief is required
  • Affordable housing will continue to be an issue across the area and will need to be considered as part of development proposals


There are a number of projects that have been identified and prioritised for the area. You can find the details for projects in the Albrighton Place Plan which is attached to this page to view or download.