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Albrighton and surrounding area

Place plans were developed to include a main centre (often a market town) and its surrounding smaller towns, villages and rural hinterland. These areas are recognised in the Local Plan as functioning geographical areas, with strong linkages to and from the main town and the wider area.

The Albrighton and Surrounding Area Place Plan covers the area identified within the red outline on the map image on this page. It summarises and prioritises the local infrastructure needs which are required to support the sustainable development of the area, and identifies the wider investment needs to assist delivery of the community’s vision and aspirations.

Data and information review

The infrastructure project list is based on information submitted to us by town and parish councils in each place plan area. This information is then tested against data held by us, and further informed by consultation with a range of infrastructure providers.

By gathering this information, we've been able to understand more clearly the needs of each place plan area and use this information to make some difficult decisions about prioritisation of projects.

Key infrastructure issues

A review of information for this area has shown that key infrastructure issues are:

  • Potential for development on land adjacent to J3 M54 (subject to Local Plan Review and Green Belt Review)
  • Flood alleviation and prevention is an ongoing concern in Albrighton which any development must address
  • Railway station access and parking improvements are required at Albrighton Station, particularly in the light of forthcoming development
  • Primary school place provision in the area will be dependent upon future development, and so a watching brief is required
  • Affordable housing will continue to be an issue across the area and will need to be considered as part of development proposals


There are a number of projects that have been identified and prioritised for the area. You can find the details for projects in the Albrighton Place Plan which is attached to this page to view or download.

This place plan area in the countywide plan

Core Strategy policies

The Core Strategy recognises the role of Shropshire’s market towns and key centres through Policy CS3. This policy outlines how all of our towns have distinctive identities which new development is expected to reinforce, by respecting each town’s distinctive character, and by being sensitive to its landscape setting, historic features, and the towns’ functions.

You can read more from Policy CS3 in the Core Strategy.

For Albrighton, Policy CS3 recognises that: 

  • Development will meet local needs, respecting its location in the Green Belt.
  • Some development will meet the needs of returning military personnel.
  • Albrighton has good transport links, within easy reach of the M54 and A41, and has a railway station on the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury line.
  • The demographic profile of Albrighton / Cosford is influenced by RAF numbers of trainees and caters for a significant but variable number of personnel as well as residents.
  • Employment self-containment is higher than in any other Shropshire town with the airbase contributing to this.

SAMDev policies

The policies for Albrighton and then for the wider area, are as follows: 

  • Albrighton will provide for local needs, delivering around 250 dwellings over the Plan period. Local needs will predominantly be met on two allocated sites, with small-scale windfall development within the development boundary making up the balance. 
  • Land to the east of Albrighton is safeguarded for the village’s long-term development needs.
  • Retail development will be directed to the village centre where it will benefit from, and contribute to, the town’s historic character. 
  • There are no employment sites allocated in the Albrighton area.
  • Proposals for small scale office, workshop and light industrial uses and the expansion of existing businesses across the Albrighton area will be supported where they are appropriate. 

More about Albrighton

Apart from being a centre for markets and fairs for the surrounding agricultural area since the 14th Century, Albrighton was also known for its button-making, clock-making and brickmaking industries.  However, Albrighton’s main industry was agriculture.

The area is predominantly rural and lies close to the M54 providing access towards to Shropshire to the west and the West Midlands to the east with the A41 providing links towards Wolverhampton and Cheshire.  There are train stations at Albrighton and RAF Cosford providing access to the Shrewsbury to Wolverhampton line.  Visitors fall in love with its tree lined high street, village green, friendly traditional pubs and good range of individual shops and amenities.

RAF Cosford opened in 1938 as a joint aircraft maintenance, storage and technical training unit.  It has remained mainly a training unit to this day.  The award-winning RAF Museum Cosford houses one of the largest aviation collections in the UK and offers an entertaining family day out.

The 600 year old church of St Bartholomew’s is a Grade 1 Listed Building famous for its connections with Charles Dickens and Little Nell and stands tall and proud at Tong.

Boscobel House, built in about 1630, gained fame when the future King Charles II in 1651 sought refuge after the Battle of Worcester, hiding first in a tree known as The Royal Oak and then for a night in a priest-hole in the house attic. Boscobel remains a working farm and visitors today can also see the dairy, farmyard, smithy, gardens, and a descendant of The Royal Oak.

Another famous visitor attraction and thriving local business is David Austin Roses, breeder of award-winning English Roses with one of the most beautiful, fragrant rose gardens in the world.  Open to the public all year round, the garden is home over 700 varieties of roses including the National Collection of English Roses.

List of parishes and local elected members

This place plan covers the following parish councils:

The following Shropshire Council elected members represent constituencies within this place plan area:

Other local plans

When developing the place plan for an area we also look at any other local plans and strategies that focus on infrastructure needs.    

For Albrighton and the surrounding area, the relevant plans include:

Neighbourhood Plan / Plan 'Light'

There is a neighbourhood plan light for the parishes of Albrighton, Donington with Boscobel and Boningale. The plan was prepared by Albrighton Parish Council, with support from Shropshire Council, through its neighbourhood planning front-runner programme. The plan was finalised in 2013 and has been adopted by Shropshire Council.  It is treated as a material planning consideration in assessing proposals.

The plan can be found on the Albrighton Parish Council website.