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Cleobury Mortimer and surrounding area

Place plans were developed to include a main centre (often a market town) and its surrounding smaller towns, villages and rural hinterland. These areas are recognised in the Local Plan as functioning geographical areas, with strong linkages to and from the main town and the wider area.

The Cleobury Mortimer and Surrounding Area Place Plan covers the area identified within the red outline on the map image on this page. It summarises and prioritises the local infrastructure needs which are required to support the sustainable development of the area and identifies the wider investment needs to assist delivery of the community’s vision and aspirations

Data and information review

The infrastructure project list is based on information submitted to us by town and parish councils in each place plan area. This information is then tested against data held by us, and further informed by consultation with a range of infrastructure providers.

By gathering this information, we've been able to understand more clearly the needs of each place plan area and use this information to make some difficult decisions about prioritisation of projects

Key infrastructure issues

A review of information for this area has shown that key infrastructure issues are:

  • Affordable housing provision will remain an issue across the area, but development opportunities may be limited.</ li>
  • Tourism is an important sector for the area, and enhancement of tourism infrastructure could bring benefits, although this will need to be sympathetic to the predominantly rural nature of the area.
  • The area has relatively poor road access and is bounded by areas of unstable land.
  • Other infrastructure needs tend to focus around community needs such as sporting and leisure facilities and open space.


Several projects have been identified and prioritised for the area. You can find the details for each project in the Cleobury Mortimer Place Plan which is attached to this page to view or download.

This area in the countywide plan

Core Strategy

The Core Strategy recognises the role of Shropshire’s market towns and key centres through a specific policy - Policy CS3. This policy outlines how all our towns have distinctive identities, which new development is expected to reinforce, by respecting each town’s distinctive character, and by being sensitive to its landscape setting, historic features, and the towns’ functions.

You can view the full strategy on our planning policy web pages.

For Cleobury Mortimer, Policy CS3 recognises that:

  • Development must balance environmental constraints with meeting local needs.
  • Cleobury Mortimer has retained its attractive historic character.</ li>
  • It supports a reasonably high level of employment self-containment given its size, and although the number of workplaces is limited, there are a number of important employers.
  • Additional hydraulic capacity will be required at the Cleobury Mortimer Wastewater Treatment Works.

SAMDev policies

The policies for Cleobury Mortimer, and then for the wider area, are as follows:

  • Cleobury Mortimer will provide facilities and services for its rural hinterland. To support this role, around 350 additional dwellings and a minimum of 0.7 hectares of employment land will be delivered over the period 2006-2026.
  • New housing development will be delivered on two allocated housing sites, alongside additional infill and windfall development within the town’s development boundary.
  • New development will take account of known infrastructure constraints and requirements.
  • The Community Cluster of Kinlet, Button Bridge and Button Oak will have growth of around 30 new dwellings up to 2026.
  • Hopton Wafers and Doddington will have limited growth to help to meet local housing needs.
  • Farlow and Hill Houses lie partly within the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and new development will have to pay particular regard to its setting.

Key points from the Local Plan Review

  • Cleobury Mortimer Town Council are in the early stages of developing a Neighbourhood Plan for the town also to cover the period to 2036.
  • We continue to have a role in providing strategic planning policies for the area, and in discussion with the town council, the Local Plan Review will provide an overall housing guideline for Cleobury Mortimer. However, it will be the role of the Neighbourhood Plan to subsequently provide additional policies on how this growth should be managed and to support sustainable development.

More about Cleobury Mortimer

Cleobury Mortimer is a small market town in the south east of the Shropshire. Midpoint between the Clee Hills and the Wyre Forest, the town of Cleobury Mortimer is an ideal base for exploring these areas.

The name of Cleobury is thought to be derived from the old English clifu, meaning a steep place, and burg meaning dwellings within a fortified settlement. Another suggested origin is from the old English word for clay which describes the soil of the area. Mortimer originates from Ranulph de Mortimer of Normandy who was granted the land after the Norman Conquest. The town was granted its town market charter in 1253 and regular farmers markets continue to be held.

Cleobury Mortimer today is a small rural town supporting the rural agricultural hinterland however in the 16th century the town played a role in the industrial revolution. The establishment of furnaces and forges led to the production of high quality wrought iron. The decline of industry in the 19th century led to the town returning to its roots as a rural market town.

Monthly markets are held around St Mary’s Church and attracts local producers.

List of parishes and local elected members

This place plan covers the following parish councils:

  • Boraston Parish Meeting
  • Cleobury Mortimer Town Council
  • Coreley Parish Council
  • Farlow Parish Council
  • Hopton Wafers Parish Council
  • Kinlet Parish Council
  • Milson and Neen Sollars Parish Council
  • Nash Parish Council
  • Neen Savage Parish Council
  • Stottesdon Sidbury Parish Council
  • Wheathill Parish Council

The following Shropshire Council elected members represent constituencies within this place plan area:

  • Cllr Gwilym Butler (Cleobury Mortimer Ward)
  • Cllr Madge Shineton (Cleobury Mortimer Ward)
  • Cllr Richard Huffer (Clee Ward)

Other local plans

When developing the place plan for an area we also look at any other local plans and strategies that focus on infrastructure needs.

For Cleobury Mortimer and the surrounding area, the relevant plans include:

Cleobury Mortimer 2014

Coreley Parish Plan ongoing

Farlow and Oreton 2016

Hopton Wafers – Parish Plan 2012 hard copy available

Kinlet Parish Plan refresh 2012

Neen Savage Community Led Plan 2014 – hard copy available

Stottesdon and Sidbury Parish Plan 2012

Neighbourhood Plan or Neighbourhood Plan 'Light':

Cleobury Mortimer - ongoing