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Market Drayton and surrounding area

Place plans were developed to include a main centre (often a market town) and its surrounding smaller towns, villages, and rural hinterland. These areas are recognised in the Local Plan as functioning geographical areas, with strong linkages to and from the main town and the wider area.

The Market Drayton and Surrounding Area Place Plan covers the area identified within the red outline on the map image on this page. It summarises and prioritises the local infrastructure needs which are required to support the sustainable development of the area, and identifies the wider investment needs to assist delivery of the community’s vision and aspirations. 

Data and information review

The infrastructure project list is based on information submitted to us by town and parish councils in each place plan area. This information is then tested against data held by us, and further informed by consultation with a range of infrastructure providers.

By gathering this information, we've been able to understand more clearly the needs of each place plan area and use this information to make some difficult decisions about prioritisation of projects.

Key infrastructure issues

For the Market Drayton and Surrounding Area Place Plan, a review of information has shown that key infrastructure issues are: 

  • Potential redevelopment of the Clive Barracks / Tern Hill site, to comprise dwellings along with employment land. This will require the provision of strategic infrastructure, highways investment,  and utilities reinforcement. 
  • Potential development of a marina, ancillary retail, leisure and commercial uses, and new housing  at Market Drayton. 
  • Upgrades to wastewater treatment and to electricity supply at Market Drayton. 
  • Additional school place provision in line with any development.   
  • Development of up to 1,200 new housing units up to 2026, and associated relocation of Greenfields Sports Facility in Market Drayton. 


There are a number of projects that have been identified and prioritised for the Market Drayton area. You can find the details for projects in the place plan which is attached to this page to view or download.

This area in the countywide plan

Core Strategy

The Core Strategyas referenced at section 2.1recognises the role of Shropshire’s market towns and key centres through Policy CS3. This policy outlines how all of our towns have distinctive identities, which new development is expected to reinforce, by respecting each town’s distinctive character, and by being sensitive to its landscape setting, historic features, and the towns’ functions.  

For Market Drayton, Policy CS3 recognises that: 

  • Market Drayton will have substantial development that balances business development with housing development and enhances the town’s infrastructure and facilities and its role as a centre for food production. 
  • Market Drayton (population 11,100) sits on the northern side of the River Tern, on the A53 and within easy access of the Potteries, Stafford and Telford.  
  • Market Drayton’s economy has traditionally been based on agriculture and related industries, and the town remains reliant on food processing via the presence of two major employers – Mullers and Palethorpes 

SAMDev policies

The SAMDev Plan, as referenced at section 2.1also provides brief settlement policies for each place plan area.  

The policies for Market Drayton, and then for the wider area, are as follows: 

  • Market Drayton will provide a focus for development in the north-eastern part of the county with a housing guideline of around 1200 dwellings and 16 hectares of employment land for the period 2006-2026. 
  • New housing development will be delivered through the allocation of greenfield sites together with a windfall allowance within the town’s development boundary. Infrastructure requirements to support this includes, appropriate access, financial contributions towards the expansion of existing primary school provision and enhancement of the Greenfields Sports facility, including potential relocation of the existing site. 
  • Release of further greenfield land for housing will be focussed in the north of the town on sustainable sites adjoining the development boundary, subject to suitable access. 
  • Specific site allocations for 16 hectares of new employment land have been identified to help foster economic development and to help to deliver a balance between new housing and local employment opportunity.  
  • New development must recognise the importance of safeguarding and, where possible, enhancing the landscape and historic character and amenity value of the Tern Valley and Shropshire Union Canal. 
  • Community Hubs; Adderley, Cheswardine, Childs Ercall, Hinstock, HodnetStoke upon Tern and Woore will provide additional dwellings over the period to 2026. This will be delivered through infilling, groups of houses and conversions which may be acceptable on suitable sites within the development boundaries, and delivery of development taking into account of individual area requirements.   
  • Suitable small-scale employment uses within Market Drayton, the surrounding Community Hubs or appropriate rural locations will be permitted to deliver around 6 hectares of employment land on windfall opportunities over the Plan period, to complement the committed rural employments sites.  Opportunities for the regeneration of existing employment sites in this wider area will also be encouraged, where appropriate. 

Local Plan Review

Shropshire Council started reviewing its Local Plan in 2017 and recently consulted on the preferred sites which are needed to meet the county’s development needs during the period to 2036. The new Plan is unlikely to be adopted before 2021. The review will ensure that the Local Plan continues to be the primary consideration for decisions about development in Shropshire by maintaining robust and defensible policies that conform with national policy and address the changing circumstances within the County and beyond.

Key points from the Local Plan Review include: 

  • Market Drayton has been identified as a Principal Centre and will contribute to the strategic growth objectives in the north-east of the County. 
  • The Local Plan Review seeks to achieve balanced housing and employment growth within Market Drayton through the provision of around 1,200 dwellings and 13 hectares of employment land between 2016 and 2036.  
  • In the first year of the new Local Plan Review period (2016-2017) 20 dwellings were completed, and a further 539 dwellings committed through planning permission, prior approval or allocation.  
  • Around 35 hectares of employment provision has already been provided through allocations in the SAMDev Plan and other employment commitments. Subject to an employment land review, it is considered this level of provision is sufficient to meet the needs of the area therefore there is no requirement to identify any additional employment land.  

More about Market Drayton

Market Drayton sits on the River Tern, between Shrewsbury and Stoke-on-Trent, and was formerly known as "Drayton in Hales" (c. 1868) and earlier simply as "Drayton" (c. 1695). The town is of Saxon origin and was referred to as Draitune in the Doomsday Book. Market Drayton is on the Shropshire Union Canal and on Regional Cycle Route 75. The A53 road bypasses the town. The counties of Staffordshire and Cheshire are both close by.

In 1245, King Henry III granted a charter for a weekly Wednesday market, giving the town its current name. The market is still held every Wednesday.  

The town is famous for its gingerbread and, with its own recipe, has been home to gingerbread for 200 years. In times gone by Market Drayton was famed for its damson fairs when the textile makers from the north would buy the damsons to make dye for their cloth. Nowadays damsons are in local jams, cheeses, pies and of course, gin. Adding to a strong food and drink culture, Muller Dairy, Palethorpes Pie factoryand Joules Brewery are nearby and are large employers in the area.  

The town also has some impressive architecture with half-timbered and red brick buildings in the town centre and the skyline is dominated by the 14th Century church, which is built from local sandstone. At the centre of the town lies the Buttercross, a stone portico that was built in 1824 to act as cover for the local market stalls. Robert Clive (Clive of India) is the town’s most famous son. 

List of parishes and local elected members

This Place Plan covers the following Parish Councils: 

  • Adderley Parish Council 
  • Childs Ercall Parish Council 
  • Cheswardine Parish Council 
  • Hinstock Parish Council 
  • Hodnet Parish Council 
  • Market Drayton Town Council 
  • Moreton Say Parish Council 
  • Norton In Hales Parish Council 
  • Stoke upon Tern Parish Council 
  • Sutton upon Tern Parish Council 
  • Woore Parish Council 

The following Elected Members of Shropshire Council represent constituencies within this Place Plan area: 

  • Councillor Roy Aldcroft (Market Drayton East Ward) 
  • Councillor Karen Calder (Hodnet Ward) 
  • Councillor Rob Gittins (Cheswardine Ward) 
  • Councillor Roger Hughes (Market Drayton West Ward)
  • Councillor David Minnery (Market Drayton West Ward) 
  • Councillor Paul Wynn (Prees Ward) 

You can view each councillor's profile on the 'Your Councillor' section of our Committee Services web pages.

Other local plans

Community led or parish plans

Neighbourhood Plan / Plan 'Light'

Local Economic Growth Strategy for Market Drayton

In October 2017, Shropshire Council published its Economic Growth Strategy for 2017-2021. One of the key actions identified within the Strategy was the development of a local growth strategy for each of our key market towns. The Market Drayton Local Economic Growth Strategy (LEGS) has been prepared in conjunction with a range of stakeholders, including the town council, surrounding parish councils, and local businesses. The intention is that the strategy is not just confined to the town itself, but also takes in the wider hinterland.   

The Market Drayton LEGS is supported by this document – the Market Drayton and Surrounding Area Place Plan. This document supports the Market Drayton LEGS by identifying infrastructure needs within the area, which in turn will help to create the conditions and environment that attracts people and business to the area. 

The economic vision for Market Drayton has been formed collaboratively and informed by engagement with the town and parishes. The vision is:  

To be a good place to live and work with a long-term aspiration to create an enterprise culture which attracts investors and supports existing and vibrant new businesses. 

A number of key themes were raised as part of the engagement with local stakeholders and these are addressed within the Market Drayton LEGS. In summary, the key themes are:  

  • Market Drayton can provide good employment opportunities and training facilities for a growing work force. 
  • There is an aspiration to continue to improve the town centre and encourage tourism through the canal and potential marina site. 
  • To support our vision and additional growth, Shropshire Council need to ensure the towns infrastructure and service provision e.g. education facilities, transport, healthcare, sports and leisure facilities etc. are developed to meet the increased need.
  • High quality accessible health and care services with a focus on wellbeing through the community Zone project.  
  • Opportunities at Tern Valley to deliver economic growth.  
  • Adequate housing provision and infrastructure alongside developments. 
  • Increased accommodation to encourage visitors and boost the tourism economy.  
  • Maintain the unique feel to the town centre and promote as a community hub.