Shropshire Council

Much Wenlock and surrounding area

Place plans were developed to include a main centre (often a market town) and its surrounding smaller towns, villages, and rural hinterland. These areas are recognised in the Local Plan as functioning geographical areas, with strong linkages to and from the main town and the wider area.

The Much Wenlock and Surrounding Area Place Plan covers the area identified within the red outline on the map image on this page. It summarises and prioritises the local infrastructure needs which are required to support the sustainable development of the area, and identifies the wider investment needs to assist delivery of the community’s vision and aspirations.

Data and information review

The infrastructure project list is based on information submitted to us by town and parish councils in each place plan area. This information is then tested against data held by us, and further informed by consultation with a range of infrastructure providers. 

By gathering this information, we've been able to understand more clearly the needs of each place plan area and use this information to make some difficult decisions about prioritisation of projects. 

Key infrastructure issues

A review of information for this area has shown that key infrastructure issues are:

  • There is scope for transformational development through the redevelopment of the Ironbridge Power Station site. This is a 350-acre brownfield site with potential to deliver up to 1,000 dwellings and 20ha of employment land. This is the largest single redevelopment site in the whole of Shropshire, and it will require significant enabling infrastructure. Demolition of existing infrastructure and site mitigation is expected to be carried out from 2019 to 2020. 
  • Environmental technology is a key sector for the Shropshire economy, and the existing high voltage grid connection at the Ironbridge site has potential for users with significant energy requirements.  
  • There are known sewerage network capacity issues and known flooding problems in the area. Hydraulic modelling of the wastewater network is required to assess whether there is capacity within the network to meet development needs – however, there is also a chance that, even without any further growth in this location, additional capacity may be required. 
  • Much Wenlock is within easy driving distance of Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Ludlow, and Telford, making it attractive to commuters. The town is subject to inward development pressure and to avoid becoming a commuter-focused settlement, the priority is for local employment opportunities, balanced with housing and infrastructure, to meet local needs.  
  • Affordable housing provision in particular will be an ongoing issue. 


Several projects have been identified and prioritised for the area. You can find the details for each project in the Much Wenlock Place Plan which is attached to this page to view or download.