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Evidence base

We use various different sources of information when producing place plans. Use the links on this page to find out more.

Community led plans

Albrighton and Donington with Boscobel Parish Plan (2004)

Donington with Boscobel Parish Council have a joint Parish Plan with Albrighton. Therefore please refer to the identified community needs and priorities listed in the Albrighton’ section of the Place Plan (section 2.3).

Tong Parish Plan (2009)

The following have been taken from the Tong Parish Plan as identified community needs and priorities:

  • Traffic and reducing the speed of vehicles
  • Litter collection and fly-tipping
  • Improved community spirit
  • Rubbish collection and recycling
  • Parking problems
  • Retaining rural atmosphere
  • Road and pavement repairs
  • Church repairs and maintenance
  • Security
  • Additional housing
  • Improved bus service
  • Need for a new children’s playground
  • Maintaining and improving the Millennium Pond
  • Improvements to The Bell
  • No through road in Tong
  • Street lighting
  • Employment opportunities
  • Broadband
  • Gas supply
  • Sewage system

Badger Parish

An open meeting regarding the development of a Parish Plan took place in May 2011, further updates will be provided in due course.

Boningale Parish 

No Parish Plan currently exists. However,Boningale have contributed towards the Albrighton Neighbourhood Plan ‘Light’.

Beckbury Parish

No Parish Plan currently exists. The Parish Council have expressed an interest in developing a Parish Plan.

Ryton and Grindle Parish

The Parish Council adopted its Parish Plan in August 2011, and is being reviewed in 2013. The three key themes identified are:

  • Appearance of the parish
  • Community and road safety
  • Community identity and communication

Neighbourhood Plan 'Light'

A Neighbourhood Plan ‘Light’ has been prepared for the parishes of Albrighton, Donington with Boscobel and Boningale.  The Plan has been prepared by Albrighton Parish Council with support from Shropshire Council through its neighbourhood planning front-runner programme.  The Plan has utilised the community-led planning route advocated by Shropshire Council.  The Plan has been adopted by Shropshire Council and will be treated as a material planning consideration in assessing proposals.  View more information on this plan.

The following have been taken from the 2013 Albrighton Neighbourhood Plan ‘Light’ as identified community needs and priorities:

  • Health and Community care
  • Leisure facilities, including sports hall and football pitch
  • Retail service eg shops and drinking establishments
  • Resisting unwanted retail eg hot takeaways
  • Appropriate signage in primary shopping area
  • Use of traditional materials for sign written titles
  • Further parking for public
  • More pedestrian crossings along the High Street
  • Preserve and extend hedgerows
  • Tree planting
  • Resist any development which would adversely affect the natural environment of the area.
  • Developments to be in-keeping with the current pattern of the village
  • Variety of housing styles
  • New streets to not follow any straight or grid-iron patterns
  • Open spaces to be included in any new developments
  • New developments (where possible) to have views out to the countryside
  • Pathways and cycle paths to be included with large-scale developments
  • Architecture of new buildings to reflect the current architecture
  • Additional employment

This plan was finalised in 2013 and plans are underway for a review to be undertaken.

Local Joint Committees

Albrighton, Boningale, Donington with Boscobel and Tong are located within the Albrighton and Cosford Local Joint Committee Area. The following needs and priorities have been raised by the local community as part of Local Joint Committee meetings:

Albrighton Area LJC

  • Road safety, speeding and HGVs
  • Waste

The LJC is also exploring with Shropshire Council the opportunities/ timeframe for a local parking survey for Albrighton, given conflicting local opinions about the need for more/less/the same parking capacity from local residents and shopkeepers.

Bridgnorth, Worfield, Alveley and Claverley LJC

Beckbury, Badger and Ryton and Grindle are located within the Bridgnorth, Worfield, Alveley and Claverley Local Joint Committee Area. The following needs and priorities have been raised by the local community as part of Local Joint Committee meetings:

  • Road safety, speeding and HGVs
  • Police and community safety
  • Streetscene and litter – Keep Britain Tidy pilot Scheme
  • Traffic management for events
  • The re-opening of the operating theatre at Bridgnorth Hospital
  • Knotweed in the river
  • Correct use of Byways and footpaths.

Planning related consultations

Local Development Framework Core Strategy – Issues and Options Consultation (January-March 2009)

Albrighton Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no CORESTRATEGY004888/00001/002)

  • The potential for tourism to play a greater role in the County economy
  • The so-called 'technology corridor' should not be allowed to become a Wolverhampton-Telford dumbbell, but be used to attract firms to a wider area to the north and south of the M54, including, Shifnal and Albrighton.

Local Development Framework Core Strategy - Policy Directions Consultation (August-October 2009)

Albrighton Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no CORESTRATEGY004888/00002/003)

  • Improvements in both, particularly railway links to Birmingham and London, and trunk road improvements to the A5, A49 and A41.
  • The recent announcement that Telford A&E etc functions will probably be transferred to Shrewsbury, and that ultimately, there will be only one major hospital for the whole of Shropshire is of great concern.

Boningale Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no CORESTRATEGY 002328/00001/010)

  • Affordable housing should be encouraged in smaller communities and villages, but will require market-led housing
  • Specific reference should be made to Cosford and the provision of land enabling the training centre to expand.

Donington with Boscobel Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no CORESTRATEGY 002362/00001/003)

  • Providing more affordable homes and local job opportunities as a key priority.
  • Improvements to direct rail services, and major trunk road routes in the county, such as the A41, A5 and A49.

Tong Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no CORESTRATEGY 002448/00001/001)

  • Small scale development in small villages.

Local Development Framework Core Strategy- Final Plan Publication (February- March 2010)

Albrighton Parish Council representations on the Core Strategy
(Representation reference no: CORESTRATEGY/09RSUB/002306/00004/008)

  • Albrighton is experiencing a problem of empty shops.
  • Police office is too small and in a location that is virtually invisible to local residents.
  • Railway stations at Albrighton and Cosford are badly in need of improvement and in particular, provision of sufficient parking facilities.  London Midland and Network Rail intend to carry out some improvement works but some contribution from Shropshire Council would be welcome.
  • Reference to affordable housing is needed.
  • A site is needed for a surgery, even if in the Green Belt.
  • There is a serious shortage of sports and leisure facilities in the area which are well below what could reasonably be expected for a settlement of Albrighton’s size.
  • More good quality local overnight visitor accommodation.
  • Housing development to meet the accommodation needs of service personnel.
  • Lack of car parking facilities.
  • Limited sewage plant capacity.
  • Limitations on the capacity of local schools.
  • Suitable employment opportunities within the boundary of the existing Cosford site.

Local Development Framework Site Allocations and Management of Development DPD (SAMDev) – Issues and Options Consultation (April- June 2010)

Albrighton Parish Council representations on the SAMDev
(Representation reference no SAMDEV DPD/04IOP/004888/00004)

  • Retention of the village status and feel.
  • Increase car parking provision close to the centre of Albrighton.
  • A revitalised health centre near the village centre.
  • Improvements to the railway station.
  • Public open space.
  • Indoor sports facilities.
  • Substantial additional housing may require extension to one of the two primary schools.
  • Minor sewage work extensions may be required.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Sheltered housing for the elderly.
  • Open space.
  • Indoor sports facilities.
  • Increased local employment opportunities.
  • Support for tourism including increased hotel accommodation.

Beckbury Parish Council representations on the SAMDev
(Representation reference no SAMDEV DPD/04IOP/002319/00001)

  • Improvements to roads including the lanes surrounding Beckbury, which are badly maintained
  • Improved parking provision
  • Surface drainage of flood water

Badger Parish Council representations on the SAMDev
(Representation reference no SAMDEV DPD/04IOP/002315/00001)

  • Current drainage system and road infrastructure does not lend itself to new housing or employment expansion
  • Preservation of the existing environment

Donington with Boscobel Parish Council representations on the SAMDev
(Representation reference no SAMDEV DPD/04IOP/002362/00002)

  • Local businesses should be supported by measures to encourage tourism and particularly overnight visitors, including an increase in local hotel capacity and improvements to the character of the area including measures to limit the number of hot food takeaways.
  • Housing needs up to 2026 should primarily address requirements for future development of Cosford site and difficult to specify numbers until which units will occupy site and when. Depending on the number of personnel.

Investing in Shropshire’s Future - Local Infrastructure and Investment Workshop with Albrighton Parish Council (20th September 2010)

  • The RAF and the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering (DCAE) may move to St. Athan in South Wales in 2014 subject to the Defence Review. An army brigade from Germany is moving in about 2018. The four year gap is felt to be disastrous as many services would close during the time and may not re-establish when the Army arrives.
  • Closure of Cosford would impact on local schools, as would the increase in places when the army arrives. Civilian jobs at Cosford are also affected.
  • Shropshire Council must feed the concerns into the Defence Review and explore with the MoD what should occur in the intervening period between when the RAF moves out and prior to when the Army move in.
  • There are fifteen business premises currently empty in the village.
  • Car parking in the centre of Albrighton is problematic including a lack of short stay parking. Parking pressures will increase with future development. Various sites could alleviate the problem including the Catholic Church car park.
  • Cross Road site for a new medical centre, is in the green belt but is close to a concentration of elderly residents.
  • There is no dedicated youth club facility or multi-use games facility.
  • The cricket club is too far away for children to walk and needs to be located more centrally.

Community toolkit events

Albrighton Community Toolkit Event – 9 March 2011

The following activities, facilities, services and infrastructure were considered to be the most important community assets by the event attendees:

Area Important community assets
  • Sports activities
  • Youth Groups and clubs
  • Walkng and rambling activities
  • Parkin
  • Youth shelter or pod
  • Community centre / village hall
  • Shops
  • Banking
  • Police / Emergency services
  • Regular public transport
  • Job opportunities
  • Housing opportunities
  • Walking and cycling networks
New and existing facilities
  • Sports centre / swimming pool
  • Make the red house the real centre of the village
  • Village hall improvement 

Community profile information