Shropshire Council

Five year housing land supply statement

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requires local authorities to boost the supply of housing. To help do this, where an adopted Local Plan is more than five years old, local authorities should identify and annually review their housing land supply. The purpose of this assessment is to consider whether there are sufficient deliverable sites within a local authority area to provide a sufficient future supply of housing.

The Shropshire Council Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement for 2023 sets out our assessment of the housing land supply in Shropshire over the five year period from 2023/24 to 2027/28, compared to the housing requirement identified within the adopted Local Plan (consisting of the Core Strategy (2011), SAMDev Plan (2015), and adopted formal neighbourhood plans) and local housing need calculated using government’s standard methodology. The assessment of housing land supply has been undertaken using a cautious and robust methodology, which has given due regard to government guidance.

In conclusion the assessment demonstrates that Shropshire currently has 5.91 years supply of deliverable housing land against the housing requirement within the adopted Local Plan and 7.63 years supply of deliverable housing land against the local housing need identified using the government's standard methodology (2023 base date to align with the base date for this assessment of housing land supply). Consequently, we consider that local planning policies remain up to date and contribute to achieving sustainable development, through development of the right types of housing, in the right locations and within the right timescales.