Shropshire Council

Local aggregates assessment

Aggregates represent the most significant mineral produced in Shropshire. National policy guidance requires Shropshire to maintain an adequate and steady supply of aggregates during the current Plan period to 2026.

The purpose of the Local Aggregates Assessment (LAA) is to establish whether there is a shortage or surplus of supply and provides evidence for determining the level of provision of mineral aggregates to be made in the Local Development Plans for Shropshire.

The LAA has taken account of feedback from the review of LAA’s completed by the secretariat of the West Midlands Aggregates Working Party in 2016. The West Midlands Aggregates Working Party (WMAWP) has agreed to use a ten-year rolling average as the principal indicator for aggregates production, consistent with national policy guidance. The West Midlands Aggregates Working Party (WMAWP) has considered and endorsed the content of this LAA.