Shropshire Council

Name a street or development

You should approach us at an early stage regarding the naming and, where applicable, numbering of a new street or development. Royal Mail, along with town and parish councils, will be consulted, and if no objection is received you'll be informed that your new street name has been authorised.

From 1 April 2017 there will be a charge for this service.

The following guidelines apply when naming and numbering new streets and developments in our area:

  • a new street should be numbered with even numbers on one side and odd numbers on the other. When entering the street, odd numbers are on the left and even on the right. For through roads, numbers go from the access to the street from the higher category approach road, or from the access nearest the centre of the town or village
  • the number 13 is to be used in the proper sequence
  • buildings (including those on corner sites) should be numbered according to the street in which the main entrance is located
  • a named building may not have more than one number in a street
  • the use of numbers followed by letters should be used where, for instance, one large house is demolished and replaced by several houses. To include the new houses in the existing numbering sequence would involve renumbering all the higher numbered house
  • all properties in a street should be numbered. There may, however, be occasions (eg isolated houses in rural areas; barn conversions etc) where a name is more appropriate than a number
  • new street names should not duplicate any similar name already in use in the district
  • street names should not be difficult to pronounce, awkward to spell or open to misinterpretation

Email us ( if you want to apply to name and number a street.