Shropshire Council

Public Access online register upgrade

07 June 2017 Last updated at 01:12

What was included in the Public Access upgrade?

Some of the main changes added were:

  • Public Access time out
  • Bulk document download
  • Document drawing number displayed
  • Spell check integration
  • Automatic confirmation email
  • Toggle mini-map visibility (map on weekly list page)
  • Zoom level
  • Profile tracker

Further details:

Public Access time out

Previously in Public Access, when a user was typing a comment, they would have been timed out after 30 minutes and their work would have been lost. In Public Access 3.0, while drafting a comment, if a user is logged out due to a time-out, when the user logs back in, the comment will be retained. This comment will be retained by that browser’s cookies for up to two days on the same machine until its submission. If the user is still typing a comment after the 30 minute time out period, they will not be logged out of the site until they perform an action which will cause the page to refresh. The user can log back in and pick back up where they left off at the time of log out. The previous frustration of losing all of the work done on the comment has, therefore, been removed.

Bulk document download

One of the most popular suggestions for Public Access was to implement a bulk download feature.  In the Documents tab on a case, you can select up to, and including, 25 documents at a time and perform a bulk download of the files rather than downloading them individually.

Document drawing number displayed

As requested by users, a new Drawing Number column has been created in Public Access to a case’s Documents tab.  This will allow customers to reference drawings and ensure that the same versions are being considered.

Spell check integration

Many users of Public Access previously submitted comments with a number of spelling errors in them. This meant that the Local Authority staff had to then undertake the process of amending them. The new spell check tool should reduce the number of instances of incorrect spelling.

When the user enters text, it will now run through a spell checker which will indicate, via a red underline, to the user an incorrect spelling of a word and will display a list of potential correct spellings.

Automatic confirmation email

The check box option and label for “Send me an email confirming my comments” on the user’s submit comment page has been removed. This has been replaced with an automatic confirmation email that their comment has been submitted as requested by our customers.

Toggle mini-map visibility (map on weekly list page)

If a user previously performed a search which had lots of results, the search results page could not be used until the mini-map had finished loading all of the results. Users were finding the presence of the mini-map feature in the search results to cause the site to become slow. Therefore, administrators can now enable or disable it from appearing on the site via the Administration Console giving individual sites the option of using it or turning it off.  This has been switched off at Shropshire as it was causing frustration.

Zoom level

Previously the map did not always zoom to the correct zoom level for the data point when showing results on the large map. The map remained zoomed out to the entire geographical area.

This has now been addressed by adding a default zoom level when displaying the relevant case, giving an easier user experience.

Profile tracker

Profile tracker now provides notifications of map searches.