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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay anything?

If you meet our eligibility criteria and we've accepted you onto the scheme, the intention is for the scheme to provide fully funded works, and we will always try to deliver works at no cost to households. However, there may be certain circumstances where a modest financial contribution may be required. This includes where insulation improvements are required and full funding for these measures can’t be accessed – or where there are specific challenges based on your property type.

After the central heating has been installed, you'll be responsible for paying your fuel bills. The good news is that gas central heating is much more cost effective than many other forms of heating, so the scheme should save you money in the long run.

Which contractors are working on the scheme?

There is one contractor delivering the scheme across Shropshire. E.on Energy Installation Services has extensive experience of delivering heating system installs. They are Gas Safe Registered. In addition, E.on can also arrange for install insulation works such as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Unfortunately we can’t use any existing heating engineers you may use.  If you have any questions or are unclear of anything related to the heating system installation, the contractor’s teams will do their best to answer them.

Why are E.ON involved and do I have to be an E.ON customer to apply?

You don't have to be an E.ON customer to benefit from the scheme. E.ON are simply helping us to deliver it.

I've applied for the scheme…what happens next?

In summary, within two working days of receiving your application our Warmer Homes team at E.ON will contact you by phone to discuss your application. You'll then receive a visit from E.ON to survey the property and to make sure that central heating can be installed safely. You'll then get a letter from Cadent telling you when the central heating will be fitted.

Will I get any money from the scheme?

You won't be given any money as part of this scheme. All funding is dealt with by us. You will however benefit from having fully funded central heating in your home. 

What is the Warm Homes Fund?

National Grid and Community Interest Company, Affordable Warmth Solutions (AWS) have established a £150m Warm Homes Fund (WHF) designed to support vulnerable households without existing central heating. Grants are available to install gas central heating to urban households and LPG gas or renewable heating systems to rural households.

I already have a gas connection – but not central heating – what happens next?

Properties with an existing gas connection (e.g. with a gas fire or cooker) but without existing heating systems with radiators – can be fast-tracked through the scheme (because they don’t need to install a new gas connection). You will be referred directly to a contractor for an Energy Performance Certificate and a property survey. You may also have a gas connection but no appliance using it at present.

I’m in a gas area but don’t have an existing gas connection – what happens next?

If your property can be connected to the gas network – we (Keep Shropshire Warm) can apply for a grant to cover the cost of installing a gas connection to your property. Following your application, we will undertake a gas connection feasibility check. If it is practical to install a gas connection, you will be sent an application from to fill in for this stage of the process.  This will then be sent to your relevant gas network operator (either Cadent or Wales and West). On receipt, they will then arrange the connection installation directly with you. They access a grant to pay for this. If a connection is more complicated, we’ll discuss this with you.

I’m in a rural area and can’t be connected to gas. What heating systems can be installed?

The process for rural properties is more complicated. At the moment, we are looking to use grants to install LPG gas systems or renewable heating systems (such as air source heat pumps). We can’t fund oil installations due to funding restrictions. The EPC that is undertaken at the property will help us to look at the options available, and we will discuss this with you. These measures are more expensive to install, so finding additional funding for them can take some time.  We will also discuss the potential running costs of these systems with you, so you understand how much your heating may cost in future, as well as any other arrangements that you need to consider (e.g energy tariffs, supply of fuel etc).

How do I arrange to get a gas meter?

If you are having gas installed for the first time - you will need to consider who is going to supply you with gas. You may wish to contact your existing electricity supplier first, to see if they will can install a gas meter for you.  If they can’t, you will need to consider a different supplier. The Keep Shropshire Warm team can support you with this process and can provide a list of suppliers that can install gas meters for you. Bear in mind, this process can take a few weeks from application to the meter being installed. But remember, as soon as the meter is installed you will start to pay a standing charge, so try not to arrange the meter installation to much ahead of the central heating installation.

Why do I need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

As part of the project, the council and funders need to assess the impact that the installation is having regarding improvements to the energy efficiency of the home. A contractor will arrange an EPC to be undertaken as part of the surveying process. The EPC will recommend which heating systems will be suitable to install and will identify other measures (e.g. insulation) which could be installed at the same time to maximise the efficiency of the property.

How long will the process take?

This is very hard to answer. We are processing applications as quickly as possible, however, sometimes things will take time to progress. This is particularly the case where we are installing gas connections for the first time, and where we need to install a gas connection, a meter and ultimately the heating system. Rural applications are taking longer to process. Properties with existing gas connections should progress quicker.

I’ve received a grant offer letter – what is this?

Because the grants are being delivered through the Council, you will need to agree to some terms and conditions. These will be detailed in a Grant Offer Letter, which will be sent to households before install, and must be signed and returned before works begin. Herefordshire Council are the lead authority for the project – so your grant offer letter will be addressed from them, even if you’re a Shropshire Council resident. Details of any financial contribution (as noted above) will be included in this grant offer letter.

Is there help available after the installation?

Yes – Keep Shropshire Warm will continue to support householders after their heating system has been installed. We can help assess whether you are on the correct energy tariffs, apply for any bill discounts and offer advice on using your new heating system.

For any more information, or to discuss the scheme in more detail, please contact Keep Shropshire warm on 0800 112 3743 or email