Shropshire Council

Landlord responsibilities

If you rent a property, or part of a property, to someone else, this makes you a landlord, even if you also live in the property. There are different types of tenancy depending on your arrangements with your tenant, and each type has its own set of responsibilities. You can find out more about tenancy types from the Shelter website.  There is also a How to Let booklet provided by the government.

Being a landlord gives you significant responsibilities. Even if you employ a letting agent to manage your property, it's ultimately your responsibility to ensure your property is suitable for tenants according to the law. The most important things to ensure are:

For tenancies which started on or after 1 October 2015 you must also provide certain information to your tenant at the beginning of the tenancy:

You can find more information about your responsibilities and what you need to do to let a property from the Shelter and websites. You could also consider becoming a member of the National Landlords Association, which can offer support, advice and guidance to landlords.

New guidance has been released to advise landlords on the minimum standards required to let out a private domestic property.

The person you rent to also has certain responsibilities as a tenant.

Where landlords are not fulfilling their responsibilities, the Council will consider using legislation available to take enforcement action to ensure properties are safe.  This can include a number of options.