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Permit information

Permit guide

You may require a permit to enter a HRC. You can apply for this online using the green button below. Please read the information underneath before applying to check whether you need one.

Information for trailers

Trailers with a load area of over 2.4m long internally or 3m² (towed by any compliant vehicle) can only be used to deposit compostable garden waste between 9am and 11am, Monday to Friday. They cannot be used to transport any other waste to the recycling centre. Trailers which are deemed too large by site attendants on the grounds of safety may still be turned away irrespective of the possession of a permit.

Permitted vehicles

Vehicles permitted at our HRCs are as follows. If you're not sure which category your own vehicle falls into, take a look at our pictorial guide to check.

Vehicles allowed on site without a permit

  • Cars (including estates and people carriers)
    • without trailer
    • with trailer no larger than 1.2m by 0.9m internally at Shropshire HRCs only. (If you wish to use a HRC in Telford you will need a permit for any trailer, irrespective of size.)
  • 4x4s
    • without a goods/pick-up body and with seats and windows in the rear
  • Camper vans and minibuses
    • less than 5m long and with seats and fittings not removed
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Commercial-type vehicles on hire for less than a week, less than 5m long and 2.1m high (hire documents must be taken to the HRC as proof of hire)

Vehicles allowed on site with a permit

  • Cars (including estates and people carriers) with trailer
  • 4x4s
    • With a goods/pick-up body or without seats and windows in the rear
  • Camper vans and minibuses
    • Less than 5m long with seats and fittings removed
  • Commercial vehicles
    • Less than 5m long and 2.1m high that are owned or on hire for more than a week

Vehicles not allowed on site

  • Any vehicle over 5m long
  • Any commercial vehicle over 2.1m high
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Flatbed and pick-up trucks
  • Horse box vehicles
  • Luton box vans
  • Pick up vehicles (except 4x4s)
  • Tipper vehicles
  • Stock trailers (eg, horse box trailer)

Please note, whilst Shropshire Council residents can apply for permits to use HRCs in both the Shropshire Council and Telford and Wrekin Council authority areas, you must apply to the council that you pay your council tax to for it to be processed. Applications received by Shropshire Council from residents who pay council tax to Telford and Wrekin Council will not be processed and vice versa.

If you live outside of either of the above authority areas, you are unable to apply to either authority for permits to use the HRCs in these areas.

Apply here if you pay your council tax to Shropshire Council

Apply for a permit »

Apply here if you pay your council tax to Telford and Wrekin Council (T&W permits are not able to be used at Shropshire Council sites)

Apply for a permit »

If you've had permits issued within the last 12 months but you’ve changed your vehicle then you don't need to complete another application. Please send in the remaining permits along with the new vehicle details and registration number to: Waste Management, Shropshire Council, Shirehall, Shrewsbury SY2 6ND