Shropshire Council

2023/24 bridge maintenance programme

Bridge name / description

Bridge number

URS no.

OSGR or postcode

Works description

Planned date of work

Betton Street Railway Footbridge


F4085/ 10

SJ 499 118

Remove Redundant Structure over Shrewsbury to Hereford Line. Slip in programme to 2024/ 25 due to ongoing correspondence with NR regarding possession dates and delay damage costs.

To be confirmed


Montague Street Railway Footbridge (B5234)


F4072/ 10

SJ 497 113

Maintenance of sub-standard bridge elements . Budget Construction Costs to be confirmed. Slip in programme to 2024/ 25 due to ongoing correspondence with NR regarding Possession Dates and delay damage costs.

To be confirmed

Frodesley Lane Culvert next to Brook House

Divisional Culvert

C5156/ 21


Culvert replacement.

Completed 26 October 2023

A488 Wagbeach Culvert

Divisional  Culvert

A488/ 375

SJ 364 028

Repairs to downstream end of culvert which has collapsed.

Completed 14 July 2023

B1416 Mustard Pot Culvert


C1004/ 16

SJ 288 341

Culvert replacement.

Completed 30 October 2023

B3329 Cressage Bridge



SJ 593 045

Stabilised collapsing section of embankment on approach to bridge and filling in voids detected under the verges and main deck carriageway. Works include installing a concrete over-slab, waterproofing deck and renewing the deck surfacing.

Proposed dates 29 January for 17 weeks

B6728 Five Turnings Bridge


U6013/ 10

SO 365 864

Take down and rebuild 2m section of upstream arch and underpin foundations and install concrete aprons to both abutments and install concrete invert to bed of watercourse .

Completed 25 September 2023

Collybrook Park Retaining Wall

Division 6

C6336/ 76

SO 581 746

Special inspection 2022 identified a collapsed section of retaining wall circa 15 square metres. Retaining wall to be repaired/ rebuilt.

Completed 18 September 2023

Nant Lane Retaining Wall

Division 1

U0119/ 15

SJ 267 345

Stabilise collapsing retaining wall structure using possible ground anchors ie Platypus or Duck Bill Anchors, with reinforced concrete slab and facing stonework solution.

To be confirmed

B4904 Bind Footbridge


U8148/ 20

SO 726 837

Replace surfacing and parapet walls/ railings washed away in floods during 2021/22.

To be confirmed

B4410 Rea No.2 Bridge


C4223/ 30

SO 618 898

Filling is void to downstream right verge and installing a grip drain.

Completed 25 July 2023

B4328 Bridgnorth Bridge



SO 718 930

Further trial holes will be required to determine extent of services over the bridge in 2023/24.

A major maintenance scheme involving extensive concrete and stone work repairs, re-waterproofing and parapet upstand, parapet and deck surfacing replacement is being designed  for commencement in 2024/25

To be confirmed

RoW - Adcote Mill Footbridge


U1716/ 10

SJ 422 195

Replacement of Rights of Way (RoW) footbridge which has partially collapsed. This is subject to conclusion of current Legal Proceedings.

To be confirmed

A490 - Chirbury to Churchstoke Embankment Slip



SY15 6DS
OSGR 327265 296030

Hard engineered piling solution required to fix 25m section of slipped embankment. Likely to be late 2023/ early 2024 before works can commence. Temporary/permanent traffic lights installed December 2021 as temporary measure whilst solution is being worked up.

To be confirmed

B5232 Abbey Foregate Bridge



SJ504 122

Replace damaged section of steel parapet.

Completed 23 August 2023

B5221 Smithfield Road Cantilevers



SJ490 128

Drill and fix top hat section to steel rails. Replacement of corroded steel pedestrian gate. Painting works to steel railings.

Completed 20 November 2023

CG45 Doddington Cattle Grid



SO 615 761

Cattle grid replacement. Temporary traffic lights installed until cattle grid has been replaced

Revised date 11 December 2023 for seven weeks