Shropshire Council

Resurfacing programme 2022/23

The following table lists carriageway resurfacing works which will be programmed to be delivered this financial year 2022-2023 by Shropshire Council.

These sites has been identified via a combination of local engineering judgment and asset management data as being in need of resurfacing. The sites form part of a countywide programme of schemes, scheduled to deliver the work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The latest information on dates for the work can be found on the attached interactive map. Please note that some dates may change, depending on operational considerations and weather conditions.

Shropshire Highways Alliance is a collaboration between Shropshire Council, WSP UK Ltd and Kier Highways.

Division USRN (ref number for use with the map attached to this page) Location Locality
Central 4300200 C4174 - Cross Road Albrighton-The Sheiling to High St Albrighton
Central 4300200 C4174 - Cross Road Albrighton
Central 34700979 C1062 - Shrewsbury Road, Bomere Heath Pimhill
Central 34700480 C7130 - Harlescott Lane MD Section Shrewsbury
Central 4300457 A41 - M54 to C4178 Newport Road Donington
Central 34700640 U3951 - Longhirst Gardens Shrewsbury
Central 34701437 A528 - Albrighton Bend Pimhill
Central 4301024 U6317 - Harriots Hayes Lane end of to Beamish Lane Albrighton
Central 34701507 U5537 - Back Lane, Dorrington. Condover
Central 4310326 A41 - A41 Hand Lane to Telford & Wrekin Bdy Sheriffhales
Central 34701182 A5112 - Whitchurch Road from Heathgates R/A to Splitter Shrewsbury
Central 34800417 C5062 - Lower Farm Court to Rural Cottages Pitchford
Central 34700081 A5112 - Battlefield Road From Harlescott Lane To Battelfield Island Shrewsbury
Central 34700001 C7200 - Column R/A to Monkmoor Road Shrewsbury
North 28201273 C2099 - Cheswardine to Soudley Rd (Westcott Lane Junc To Wheatsheaf Inn Junc) Cheswardine
North 29600085 B5069 - Church Street Oswestry
North 29600187 B4579 - Leg Street Oswestry
North 28200910 B5476 - Tilstock 30mph North to 30Mph South Whitchurch Rural
North 28200782 A41 - A41 from Bletchley Dual End to Upper College junction Prees
North 28200561 A49 - Hadnall Hadnall
North 29610472 B4396 - The Avenue junction with B4397 Knockin
North 29600026 B5069 - Beatrice Street, Oswestry Oswestry
North 29600083 B4397 - Ruyton-XI-Towns Ruyton-XI-Towns
North 29600325 B4579 - Shrewsbury Road, Oswestry Oswestry
North 29600518 C1010 - Trefonen Road, Morda Oswestry Rural
North 28200801 A49 - A41 Chester Road Roundabout to Hinton Bank Roundabout Whitchurch Urban
North 28200543 U3002 - Sandy Lane, Four Alls (off A529) Sutton upon Tern
North 29600543 U0852 - Baytree Close, St. Martins St. Martin's
North 28201017 U3215 - The Nook, Childs Ercall Child's Ercall
North 28201103 U3123 - Hopshort Lane, Soudley Cheswardine
North 28200010 C2002 - Alkington Road, Whitchurch Whitchurch Urban
North 28200838 C1029 - Hordley to Tetchill Ellesmere Rural
South 36500288 C6196 - Mardu Lane Newcastle on Clun
South 36501149 U7744 - Darky Dale Bedstone
South 36501236 U6987 - Edgeton Loop road by Church Edgton
South 36500454 A4112 - Teme street, Junction through to county boundary Burford
South 4300098 U6925 - Bridgnorth Road Estate, Broseley Broseley
South 36500719 A4117 - Cleobury to Lembrook Bridge Rural Cleobury Mortimer
South 4310370 C4249 - Oreton Bank to Honeysuckle - Oreton Farlow
South 36500207 A4117 - High Street - Cleobury Mortimer Cleobury Mortimer
South 4300095 B4363 - Bridge Street, Bridgnorth Bridgnorth
South 4301093 U8260 - Oldfield Cottages to Tedstill Chetton
South 4300485 C4256 - Oreton Road Farlow
South 36500477 A488 - Town Centre Clun