Shropshire Council

Surface dressing programme 2022/23

**Please note that the surface dressing programme for 2022/23 is now complete. Work at all of the locations in the list below has been finished**


The following table lists essential carriageway surface dressing works which will be programmed to be delivered this financial year 2022-2023 by Shropshire Council.

Surface dressing is a quick, efficient and cost-effective way of preventing potholes, maintaining skid-resistance and waterproofing road surfaces. It forms a major part of our annual road maintenance programme, and is being carried out alongside other preventative and reactive maintenance work.

Surface dressing involves applying and rolling aggregate ‘chippings’ onto a bitumen binder. It will seal the surface, improve surface texture and prolong the life of the road by many years.

These sites has been identified via a combination of local engineering judgment and asset management data as being in need of essential maintenance. The sites form part of a countywide programme of schemes, scheduled to deliver the work in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

The latest information on dates for the work can be found on the attached interactive map. Please note that some dates may change, depending on operational considerations and weather conditions.

Shropshire Highways Alliance is a collaboration between Shropshire Council, WSP UK Ltd and Kier Highways.

Division Location USRN (ref number for use with the map attached to this page) Locality
Central C2076 - Shotton Lane, Harmer Hill 28200557 Harmer Hill
Central B4387 - To Minsterley 34700538 Minsterley
Central A488 - District Boundary To Roundabout Minsterley 34700837 Minsterley
Central B4380 - Roman Road 2 Sections Either Side Of Longden Road 34700911 Shrewsbury
Central A458 - Cross Houses End 40mph To Cound Junction 34701276 Cross Houses
Central A458 - From Atcham Road Jct To Start 60mph 34701276 Cross Houses
Central B4394 - Norton Cross Rds To Walcot 34701294 Norton
Central B5062 - End 40mph Sundorne To T & W Cty Bdy Haughton 34701348 Uffington
Central B4387 - B4387 - Halfway House To Westbury 34701354 Westbury
Central C1061 - Montford School To Montford Bridge 34701626 Montford
Central C1061 -  Grange Farm Junc To Preston Gubbals 34701666 Preston Gubbals
Central B4380 - Holyhead Road, Montford Bridge To Urban Section 34800421 Montford Bridge
Northeast B4379 -  End 40  Sheriffhales To Heath Hill Junction 4310303 Sheriffhales-shifnal
Northeast U3067 - Alexandra Road 28200008 Market Drayton
Northeast U2108 - Caldecott Crescent 28200104 Whitchurch
Northeast U2129 - Chemistry, Whitchurch 28200128 Whitchurch
Northeast U3011 - Glendon Close, Market Drayton 28200252 Market Drayton
Northeast C2092 - Haywood Lane, Cheswardine  28200288 Cheswardine
Northeast A41 - Southbound Dual, Heath Road Roundabout To Prees Heath Roundabout 28200292 Prees Heath
Northeast C2075 - Yorton Station To A49 28200295 Clive
Northeast C2096 - Narrow Lane - Childs Ercall 28200426 Childs Ercall
Northeast U2109 - Sharps Drive, Whitchurch 28200552 Whitchurch
Northeast U2130 - Smallbrook Road, Whitchurch 28200572 Whitchurch
Northeast B5476 - Tilstock Rd, Whitchurch (Sedgeford To 30mph Approaching 28200660 Whitchurch
Northeast U3034 - Victoria Road, Market Drayton 28200673 Market Drayton
Northeast B5063 - Wem Road, Shawbury (30mph To A53) 28200692 Shawbury
Northeast B5063 -  Wytheford Road, Shawbury 28200729 Shawbury
Northeast C2075 - Quarry View To 30mph Start A49 Preston Brockhurst Junction 28200746 Clive
Northeast B5395 - Old Malpas Road, Grindley Brook (A41 Junction To County Boundary) 28200800 Grindley Brook
Northeast A49 - Preston Brockhurst Village 28200825 Preston Brockhurst-Shrewsbury
Northeast B5065 - Darliston To Crossroads Sandford 28200899 Prees Lower Heath
Northeast A41 - Tern Hill Roundabout To Start Of Dual Carriageway, Bletchley 28200916 Bletchley
Northeast B5063 - From A49 Rockall Xroads To Wem Road Start 28200928 Bletchley
Northeast C2092 - Haywood Lane, Cheswardine (A529 At Woodseaves To Canal  28200938 Woodseaves-Market Drayton
Northeast B5063 -  End Of Urban Northwood To Ellesmere Road Wem 28201359 Wem
Northwest C1030 - Junction Lion Lane To Penley 28200751 Northwood-Ellesmere
Northwest C1049 - Spunhill Xrds To Colemere Farm 28200752 Colemere
Northwest C1018 - Crosslanes To Plas Warren 28200774 Dudleston Heath
Northwest B4397 - Marton Junc To Burlton Xrds 60mph To Pickhill 28200791 Burlton
Northwest B4397 - Burlton Xrds To English Frankton Junc 28201035 Loppington
Northwest C2062 - Marton To Myddle Rd (Myddle 30mph West To Myddle 30mph East) 28201265 Myddle
Northwest B4580 - Castle Street 29600068 Oswestry
Northwest C1041 - Gamesters Lane, Sandford 2 Sections Classed As 1 Site 29600129 Knockin
Northwest U1050 - Drenewydd And Inglis Road, Park Hall 29600175 Park Hall
Northwest B5069 - Upper Church Street And Morda Road, Oswestry 29600378 Oswestry
Northwest U0340 - Vyrnwy Road, Oswestry 29600386 Oswestry
Northwest B4396 - From Nant Goch Jct B4396-jct A495 29600440  
Northwest C1011 - Cydygan Lane, Llansilin 29600646 Croesau Bach
Northwest C1013 - Sweeney Mountain Rd (B5069 To Nuttree Xrds) 29610519 Sweeney-Oswestry
Southeast B4373 - North Gate 4300462 Bridgnorth
Southeast C4177 - C4177 - Pattingham Lane 4300498 Boningale
Southeast B4363 -  From A4117 To Kinlet Bank 4300777 Neen Savage
Southeast B4194 - From Clogs Bank To Withybed Villa 4300780 Buttonoak
Southeast C4267 - Heathton From Claverley To Six Ashes Road 4300792 Claverley
Southeast B4555 Chelmarsh To Covert Bridge & Ingram Lane 4300796 Chelmarsh
Southeast B4363 - Kinlet Bank Jct To Rays Bridge 4300800 Kinlet
Southeast B4363 -  Priors Morr Bank 4300814 Billingsley
Southeast A442 - T & W Dist Bdy To Sutton Maddock Island 4300837 Sutton Maddock
Southeast A5 - Nty Boundary To Crackleybank Xrds 4300851 Redhill
Southeast C4184 - C/boundary South Home Farm Rd-a464 4301130 Whiston Cross
Southeast A442 - Apley Green Gates 4301317 Bridgnorth
Southeast B5314 - Chatwell Lane-a41 4301321 Sheriffhales
Southeast B4555 - New Road (Exc Resurfacing) 4310219 Highley
Southeast B4368 - Monkhopton To Aston Eyre 4310221 Monkhopton-Bridgnorth
Southeast  B4555 - Eardington- Hay Bridge 4310246 Eardington-Bridgnorth
Southeast  B4363 - Halfway House North To Manor Farm Lane 4310249 Oldbury-Bridgnorth
Southeast  B4373 - Stocking Lane To School Lane 4310276 Nordley-Bridgnorth
Southeast Monkhopton Jct/old School House - Layby Jct Farm To Jct B4368 4310293 Monkhopton-Bridgnorth
Southeast  B4176 - Littlegain Access-county Boundary 4310336 Rudge Heath
Southeast  A454 - Royal Oak Island - Rudge Heath Road 4310341 Rudge Heath
Southeast C4249 - Oreton Bank 30mph Section 4310370 Oreton
Southeast B4364 - Lower Faintree-lower Cockshutt 4310400 Bridgnorth
Southeast B4364 - Track Lower Cockshutt To Eudon Court Junction 4310402 Bridgnorth
Southwest B4386 - Little Worthen To Winsley Cottages 34800313 Aston Pigott
Southwest B4368 - Pedlars Rest To Diddlebury 34800465 Corfton
Southwest B4368 - Diddlebury Village To Aston Munslow 34800466 Diddlebury
Southwest B4368 - Clunsford Bridge-pedlars Rest 36500123 Craven Arms
Southwest A4117 - Ludlow Rd From Office Ln To Tenbury Rd 36500278 Clee Hill-Ludlow
Southwest B4362 -  Station Road Wooferton 36500438 Woofferton
Southwest C6269 - Tenbury Road Rural Section 36500460 Cleobury Mortimer
Southwest C5140 - Stocton Rd,Marton C/b To B4386 36500540 Stockton
Southwest B4386 - From Marton To Little Brockton Rural Section 36500541 Marton
Southwest A488 - Clun To Colstey Cottage 36500585 Clun
Southwest B4386 - From Monksfield Chirbury To Aylesford Bridge 36500590 Chirbury
Southwest A490 - C/b N Shiregrove Bridge-chirbury 36500592 Chirbury
Southwest B4368 - Newcastle To 30mph Clun Rural Section 36500594 Clun
Southwest B4367 - Long Meadowend To Clungunford Start 30mph 36500597 Broome
Southwest B4364 - B4364 North Of Westview To Stoke Turn 36500618 Bitterley
Southwest B4385 - Red House To Little Brampton 36500640 Lydbury North
Southwest A489 - From A488 Lydham To Eaton Jct 36500653 Lydham
Southwest B4368 - Aston Munslow To New House Farm Junction 36500663 Munslow
Southwest B4385 Little Brompton County Boundary To Brompton  36500678 Pentreheyling