Shropshire Council

The West and Shires Permit Scheme (WaSP)

The West and Shires Permit Scheme (WaSP) that operates in Shropshire requires an activity promoter to apply for a permit in order to ‘book’ time on the highway. We issue permits with conditions attached to better focus the activity in terms of reducing the impact of road users and other stakeholders; this might be in relation to the timing of the works, the traffic management and methodology or any other factor that is deemed important.

Equally, we can refuse to issue a permit if we feel the planning or the detail of the application is insufficient. The WaSP scheme allows us to recoup the cost of coordinating and managing the activity by charging for issuing a permit.

Our current permit fees are as follows:

Activity type

Charge on strategically significant streets

Charge on non -strategically significant streets

Provisional advance authorisation



Major activities (over ten days duration and major activities requiring a TTRO)



Major activities (four to ten days duration)



Major activities (up to three days duration)



Standard activities



Minor activities



Immediate activities



Permit variation