Shropshire Council

Roads and highways compliments

Comments for February 2019

"Please would you forward this email to the team who worked on Sunday resurfacing the road outside our house in Corve Street on Sunday. I was not there but my husband said they all worked incredibly hard. The new road surface is excellent and the cars are noticeably quieter going past the house. Please thank them all and let them know how impressed we are by the result."
"The resurfacing and ditching works in Mill Green, Hinstock are a great improvement and a credit to you and the council. The same applies to Hatton Road, Hinstock, carried out a few months ago."
"Thank you to the Street Works Central team for fixing the paving on the footpath leading to 2 Brunel Way. It was a real trip hazard, and your action is much appreciated."
A resident from the Trefonen area would like to say that the gritting lorries do an amazing job.
A customer would like to thank the Street Scene South team for cleaning her road in Church Stretton yesterday as they did a great job. 
A customer visited Ludlow on Friday 22 February and used a pay and display car park. He wants to say how impressed he is with the new machines. As he put the money in it gave him the finish time pro rata based on the monetary coins he had available. Where he lives in Worcester if you put more money in you do not get any change and only get the hour. Bravo Shropshire and Worcester City can learn from you.

Comments for March 2019

Regarding the new zebra crossing installation in Cleobury Mortimer: "The town council have received positive comments on the work undertaken and also on the smooth flow of traffic due to the coned area."

Regarding the Princess Drive, Bridgnorth, resurfacing work recently: "Lots of praise from residents for a good job done with Princess Drive. Not only a good job but the way the workforce dealt with residents [was commented on]."

"The resurfacing and ditching works in Mill Green, Hinstock, are a great improvement and a credit to you and Shropshire Council. The same applies to Hatton Road, Hinstock, carried out a few months ago."

"The street lighting on our street has recently been updated. The contractors did a good job, working quickly and reinstating the pavement well. The new lighting is much better than the old, being brighter and whiter."
"I would like to thank the Highways Department for clearing the blocked foot-way between Squirrel Walk and Woodcrest so promptly. It has made the pathway much easier to negotiate for the first time in a long time. Thank you."
"We're thrilled with the new road (Princess Drive). The workforce did a super job."
I would like to say a huge thank you to Shropshire Council and I'm sure I speak for all my fellow neighbours. For the past 12 months we have had to navigate the terrible condition our road had fallen into.You wouldn't believe how we all felt when we recieved the news that we were getting a totally resurfaced road,not just a patching up. Well done Highways Department. You have done an amazing job. Many thanks.

Comments for April 2019

Mr Thomas wanted to pass on his thanks to the street lighting team for their work in sorting out a problematic streetlight on Dickens Way

Comments for September 2019

Dear Soulla, today you were very kind to me and I cannot thank you enough for your help. A lot of technical things, dealing with all the different authorities, and the internet technology have been the most difficult for me. Sometimes, just sometimes, a stranger is extra helpful as you were today and it will never be forgotten so many thanks and best wishes to you.

Comments for October 2019

A resident in Trefonen reported her neighbour's wall collapsing onto the road. I rang the highways emergency number and soon received a call back from Martin Nee. Within an hour, a team were out on site, ensuring the wall and highway where safe. Hugely impressed. Thank you to all involved.