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Admission arrangements and criteria

Admissions arrangements

We set the admission arrangements for community and controlled schools. These are reviewed every year and a consultation will take place if changes are proposed.

All academies, free schools, aided and foundation schools are an admissions authority and determine their own admission arrangements. 

Secondary schools in North and South Shropshire use a criteria which refers to attending a state-funded primary school that lies within the secondary school's catchment area for more than a whole academic year immediately prior to transfer. Please refer to our list to attain which state-funded primary school is within each secondary school's catchment area.

Use the links in the table below to view the admissions arrangements by year.

Shropshire Council
community and controlled schools
Own authority schools
(Free, Academy, etc)
2018 - 2019 2018-2019 
2017 - 2018 2017-2018
2016 - 2017 2016-2017

Admissions criteria

There is a maximum number of children that can be admitted to a school in each year group. If more applications are received than available places, the school is said to be oversubscribed. When this happens, places have to be allocated in strict order of priority, according to the oversubscription criteria.

Children with a statement of special educational needs or EHC plan naming a particular school will be offered a place at that school. A set list of priorities for each school group then defines how remaining school places are allocated.

View the oversubscription criteria for Shropshire Council community and controlled schools by clicking on each school type below:

Own authority schools admissions criteria are detailed in the individual policies, set by the school.  You can view these by using the links in the table above and selecting the relevant year in the 'own authority schools' column. 


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