Shropshire Council

Who to apply to

  • Applications for a place at an English state school must be made to your 'home' local authority, ie the one you pay your council tax to
  • Take a look at the contact details for neighbouring local authorities or visit the website for details on other local authorities
  • If you're moving to Shropshire from another English local authority and want to apply for a Shropshire school, unless you've exchanged contracts on a house purchase or signed a rental agreement, your application will have to be submitted to the authority in which you currently live
  • Local authorities will liaise with each other regarding the application process
  • If you're applying for a Shropshire school from either overseas, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you may apply directly to us
  • If you live in Powys or Wrexham, and wish to apply to a Shropshire secondary school, an application to your home authority or Shropshire will be acceptable
  • If you live in Shropshire, and wish to apply to a Welsh primary school, you must make your application to the Welsh authority 

Please refer to 'Making an application to a maintained school' section of the Parents' Guide to Education in Shropshire for further details.