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Primary admissions 2020 - review of allocations

07 May 2020 Last updated at 04:39
Please note that letters will be posted by 2nd class post on 7 May 2020 to all parents who requested a review of their primary school allocation.

We're sorry if you weren't successful at the review stage of the applications process. Where applications were unsuccessful this is because the school is still oversubscribed and there weren't sufficient places released to be able to allocate to your child. The oversubscription criteria (shown on pages 15-21 of the Parents’ Guide to Education in Shropshire 2020/21 booklet) were used to determine eligibility for places released. To allocate further places above the admission number would be prejudicial to efficient education and the efficient use of resources. Your letter may also inform you that your child has been refused a place because of infant class size regulations. Information about this specific point is below.   

The purpose of the review is to check that the appropriate published admissions criteria have been correctly followed and that all the circumstances relevant to the criteria have been considered. If you requested that particular health or social reasons be considered in your application, these have also been considered. Applications in this category will only be successful if parents/carers can provide written medical evidence that, in the view of the authority, makes attending a particular school essential to the medical wellbeing of the child. If you requested particular health or social reasons be considered in your application and you were unsuccessful, then your circumstances are outside the scope of our discretion. 

Please read the information below, which explains the options open to you now.

Option 1 - you may accept the place offered

If you've been offered a place at your preferred Shropshire school, we assume that you wish to accept that place. If an alternative school has been offered but you accept that place and don't wish to proceed to the appeal stage for your preferred school, please inform us by emailing as soon as possible. If you've been offered a place at a school outside Shropshire Council’s area, you may need to confirm with the local authority for that school, or the school itself, that you wish to accept the offer. 

Option 2 - waiting list without appeals

Not all applicants wish to go through the appeal process. In this case we'd expect you to initially accept whatever place has been offered, but your name will remain on the waiting list for your preferred school(s) (see information below). Please note that if other parents are successful at appeal, additional pupils will be on roll at the school above the admission number. After that, the allocated places would need to fall back to below the admission number before places could be offered from the waiting list. Please email if you wish to be on the waiting list, but not go to appeal.

Option 3 - request a place at another school

There may still be places available at schools which you've previously not requested. If you contact the Admissions Team we'll be able to give you further information.   

Option 4 - you may proceed to the appeal stage

If you've been told that the grounds on which a place has been refused is because of infant class size regulations, you need to consider the following information. The government passed laws which prohibit classes for Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 children to have more than 30 pupils taught by one qualified teacher. You still have the right of appeal, but you should be aware that the grounds on which the independent appeal panel may allow a place at the school are very restricted. If the panel is satisfied that the way in which places already offered to the children at the school was correctly administered, and if the organisation of class sizes couldn't remain in line with the regulations if another child were to be offered a place, the panel wouldn't be able to offer a place to your child. You may also wish to consider remaining on the waiting list without an appeal (see information above).

If you wish to continue to the appeal stage and you've already completed an appeal application form and returned it to the Admissions Team, we'll now pass that form to the clerk to the panel, who will in turn inform you when and how your appeal will be conducted.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, appeals can't be held in person, and the government has issued new legislation regarding this. Appeals will still be considered by a panel that can take personal circumstances into consideration in arriving at their decisions. The clerk to the panel will contact you with further information in due course.

If you wish to give any additional information in support of your appeal you're asked to submit that information as soon as possible, stating clearly your child’s name, date of birth and address, so that we can match it up with your form. 

If you wish to appeal against the decision to refuse a school place but haven't yet submitted an appeal application, please do so as soon as possible. To appeal for a Shropshire Council school, apply through the self-serve portal. Appeal applications should be submitted to the Admissions Team by 4 June 2020 at the latest. If you decide to request an appeal after 5 July 2020, the hearing may not be scheduled before the end of the summer term. Appeals aren't held during the school holidays.

Unsuccessful appeals

If you proceed to the appeals stage but aren't successful:

  • You'll be automatically held on a waiting list for your preferred school until the end of the autumn term in the new academic year (see information on waiting lists below).
  • You may accept the offer of a place at the school already offered to you.
  • You may request a place at another school which has places available.

Waiting lists

Those refused a place by an appeal panel will automatically be kept on a waiting list, unless you inform us that you don't wish to be included. New additions to the waiting list can also be accepted, such as people who have just moved house or changed their preferences. The list will be held by the Admissions Team for the first term of the academic year. If during that time the numbers on roll at the school fall below the published admission number the Admissions Team will offer the place(s) to the person(s) on the waiting list who has highest priority in accordance with the oversubscription criteria.

Parents/carers should be aware that the order of the waiting list may not remain constant because new additions to the waiting list may take a higher place on the list through the oversubscription criteria. Local authorities also have a statutory responsibility to operate a 'fair access protocol' which may require that vulnerable or hard to place pupils are offered places ahead of those on waiting lists.     

Anyone offered an available place after the start of the academic year, if the child is of statutory school age, is expected to take up the place within six school weeks or by the start of the next half-term, whichever is the earliest. If a place is refused, the name will be removed from the waiting list, although parents/carers may request in writing to be placed back on the waiting list at a later date.

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