Shropshire Council

Parent Governor Representatives (PGRs)

In Shropshire we have two Parent Governor Representatives (PGR's) who are democratically elected by parent governors themselves and serve for a four-year period.

PGR's serve on the council's People Overview Committee which is focussed on ways for the us and our partners to improve local services and make a positive, sustained difference to the quality of life for local people.

In addition to this, PGR's should:

  • act as an apolitical voice for parents in Shropshire, representing to the Council the main educational issues which concern parents of pupils in schools maintained by the Council;
  • liaise with the other PGR on the People Overview Committee;
  • establish good relations with other members and officers;
  • feed back to parents the Council's discussions of and decisions on education;
  • abide by the Council's Procedural Rules on committee procedure;
  • undertake to observe the Code as to Conduct and Local Protocol which is expected of Members/co-opted Members of the Council (failure to subscribe to such an undertaking within two months of appointment will result in the person ceasing to be a co-opted member);

Although there aren't any financial rewards for serving as a PGR (you would be eligible to claim some expenses), you could expect:

  • to get personal satisfaction from performing an important public service;
  • to develop a better understanding of how your local authority takes strategic decisions.

The positions are currently vacant. 

September 2019