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How do pupils know if they qualify for free school transport?

Generally, pupils are entitled to free school transport if they attend the nearest or catchment area school to their home address. For primary schools, you must live over two miles and for secondary schools over three miles from the school. This is measured by the nearest available route (shortest walking distance).

Take a look at our guidance for more information.

How do pupils apply for free school transport?

  • Application forms (TRAN/1) are available from the school the pupil will be attending
  • You'll find forms attached to each of our school transport support webpages
  • Parents can also phone 0345 678 9008 in order to make an application over the phone

Does my child qualify for parents income-assessed transport?

Generally your child will be entitled to free school transport if they're of secondary school age (11-16, school year 7 to 11) and you're either:

  • Entitled to free school meals or
  • Receiving the maximum level of working tax credit and can provide a copy of the latest tax credit award notice (form TC602), or a recent letter from the Benefits Agency, confirming receipt of maximum working tax credit

Your child will have an additional entitlement to transport to:

  • One of the three nearest qualifying schools where parents live more than two miles, but no more than 6 miles, from the school

What do pupils do with completed TRAN/1 application forms for free school transport?

Please send the completed application form to the school your son or daughter will be attending, which will then have it signed and forwarded to our Entitlement Team. We'll inform you of the outcome as quickly as possible, and generally within two weeks.

If your application is being made in the spring or summer prior to the pupil starting school in September, processing may take longer than two weeks. If you've not heard anything by the end of July you should contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 678 9008.

If any of the details given on an application form change who needs to be notified?

Call or email us asap using the contact details on this page.

Is there safety information issued to the pupils who use school transport?

Yes, find out more from our 'Your child's safety' page.

If a pupil attends after-school activities on certain days of the week can they still use the bus to get home?

No - the bus pass is normally issued to enable the pupil to travel into school at the beginning of the school day, and to travel home at the end of the official school day.

Will my child receive door-to-door transport?

Existing transport networks already provide buses or cars from near most homes. The pick up point will be within a reasonable distance of the home. Door-to-door transport is not normally provided.

What happens if my child loses their bus/rail pass?

If your child loses their bus/rail pass, a replacement pass can be obtained by contacting us using the contact details on this page. Please note that there's a charge for pupils attending secondary schools and post-16 colleges.

If a pupil is unable to walk for medical reasons how do they get to school?

Please contact us using the details on this page to see if any help can be offered.

How do pupils find out if they're entitled to post-16 transport assistance to college?

Application forms (TRAN/16) are available from the school or college, or via our 'School transport support - post-16' page.

Am I able to choose the transport operator?

Transport can only be provided by operators on our approved European Framework list. Each contract is awarded following a competitive tendering exercise.

What do I do if I have concerns about the transport provided?

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone using the details on this page.