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Our Facilities Support Service is fully committed to creating and promoting a healthy lifestyle for students and guests. When you arrive, we're on hand throughout the day to answer any queries, but to help you prepare for your stay with us we've pulled together some of the common questions we are asked.

If, after reading through these questions and the other webpages for Mardol House and Tannery East, you still haven’t found the answer you were looking for, you can email the on-site team via

Can I have a look around the accommodation before I decide to move in?

Yes, your chosen education provider may include a visit to Mardol House or Tannery East as part of the university or college open days. If not, email contact to arrange one.

How do I apply to stay at Mardol House or Tannery East?

To apply for accommodation you need to contact your education provider to discuss your course arrangements. They'll be able to share basic information about what we offer, and once you've selected your course and are sure you want to apply for a space, they'll contact our on-site concierge team to start to make arrangements for you.

What accommodation is provided for students with disabilities and/or medical requirements?

We have a range of accessible and adapted rooms available.

What accommodation contract length options are there?

Our contracts normally run in line with your chosen education provider’s academic year, typically between 40 and 41 weeks in total.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure my accommodation?

Yes, we ask you to pay a £250 deposit which is held and returned to you at the end of your contract if no damage charges are incurred.

How do I pay for my accommodation deposit and / or room rent?

Once your room booking has been confirmed, you'll be sent an invoice via email highlighting the various ways to pay. Payments can be made online, via direct debit or over the phone.

When do I need to pay for my accommodation?

Room rent can be paid for in full at the start of the academic year, or in three termly instalments at the start of each term.

When can I move in?

We welcome students at the start of their academic year, around the time of welcome week / induction days.

Are there any laundry facilities?

Yes, there are on-site pay-as-you-go laundry facilities.

Can I bring my own lamps / hairdryer / fan?

Some small personal appliances are allowed – please check our small appliance policy for details.

Is wifi available and included in the charges?

Yes, we offer wifi as part of the overall accommodation charge.

Are any drugs permitted in the property?

No, we do not tolerate the taking of any drugs of any kind– please see our drug policy for full details.

Do I need a TV licence?

Yes, please refer to the TV licensing website for more info.

Please also see TV licence policy.

We hope we've given you a flavour of what we offer and what's expected during your stay. As additional questions are asked and answered, we'll add both the question and answer to this FAQ list for other students in future.

Is there any insurance included in the price?

If I have building concerns, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, we have a team of concierges who are on site 24/7 to assist with any building and property matters.

If I have welfare or financial concerns, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, there are a number of key contacts for you, such as student support services (please contact your education provider for full details), as well as on-site resident tutors and assistant resident tutors who are available for you to discuss any welfare matters with. They'll also be able to signpost you to other support services, such as student finance.

Can I park my car at Mardol House / Tannery East?

Mardol House and Tannery East both offer unique town centre living with easy access to a variety of parking options, including on-road parking, and many local car parks (please note charges may apply), but we have no facilities on site.

Do the cleaners clean my room and kitchen?

We ask all our guests to take full responsibility for cleaning their own bed room, en-suite and designated kitchen areas. Our cleaners will clean and service the general communal areas, such as corridors and stairs. Full details about student and facilities team responsibilities can be found in the accommodation guide and policy documents.

I've damaged an item in my bedroom - is there a charge to replace it?

Depending on the circumstances charges may be incurred to replace provided items. Please refer to your accommodation guide and license agreement for full details, and discuss the situation with the concierge team.

What's the atmosphere like?

We ask all our staff and guests to help create the best environment in which to live – this means treating each other with respect, taking responsibility for our actions and working towards creating a community spirit. Full details can be found in the good neighbour policyconduct and disciplinary policy and accommodation guide.

How do I report faults/maintenance issues with my halls room?

Please contact the onsite concierge either in person or via email Once you've reported a matter they'll email you to confirm that it's been registered and keep you informed of progress.

Who else can I speak to if I’m not happy with how building matters are progressing?

Our concierge is the first point of contact. If you've already been in touch with them and remain unhappy please escalate the matter to Jacky Hammett (area manager) via or Janet Croft (service manager) via

How do I make a complaint or give positive feedback?

Our concierge is the first point of contact. If you've already been in touch with them and remain unhappy or wish to share praise, please escalate the matter to Jacky Hammett, Area Manager or Janet Croft, Service Manager. Full details, including response times, are included in your accommodation guide.

Can I smoke in the property?

Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside the building. Please see our smoking policy for full details.

Can I have a guest stay over?

This is covered in your licence agreement and accommodation guide in detail, but briefly yes, by prior arrangement you can have guests stay for very small visits. You're responsible for their behaviour while they stay in the building, and in the event of damage or challenging behaviour they may be asked to leave.

Do you have CCTV?

Yes, our CCTV operates in the general communal reception area and outside the property.

What happens if I have a parcel delivery?

The on-site concierge team can take delivery of your packages and letters for you to collect from reception.