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Caring for someone else

Shropshire Council recommissioning Digital Carer Support

In December 2021, Shropshire Council commissioned a Digital Carer Support service. Mobilise were awarded the contract and work closely with the Shropshire Carer Support team, within Shropshire Council, to ensure we provide an all-round service to identify and support more carers in Shropshire, including carers who may previously have been marginalised eg working carers, parent carers, young adult carers and hidden carers.

The digital carer support contract is ending in December 2023, and we are recommissioning a digital service. We are asking all carers who have used the digital support service delivered by Mobilise to tell us their thoughts on what went well, any difficulties they had and anything that may be missing from the digital service.

It’s important to us that the services we provide are well-designed for the people who will be using them. The feedback we receive will help us to do this. We are hoping to hear from adult carers with a wide range of personal experiences and different circumstances; we know that everybody’s story is unique. We would particularly like to hear from young adult carers and working carers.

Please complete this short form and tell us your experience of receiving digital support and any suggestions to improve the digital service we are commissioning.

Carers emergency planning

Have you ever worried about what would happen if you suddenly could not be there for the person you support and care for?

It is important for all carers to make contingency plans with the person they care for to use in circumstances where help from other people to deliver care may be required. Depending on the circumstances, this could be from family or friends or a care provider.

A good, well thought out emergency plan will give you and the person you care for peace of mind, knowing that back up support can be put in place in case you need it. Creating an emergency plan that includes key aspects of your friend or family member’s health and care can make it easier for other people to step in if you’re not able to care for them.

More information on carer emergency plans and a template to complete can be found in the 'Related Documents' section on the right of this page or can be accessed here.

Once completed a copy of the plan can be given to key people involved in your friend or family members care, and a copy can be placed in a prominent position in the cared for persons home where someone else is likely to find it if you’re not around.

Please contact our First Point of Contact team: 0345 678 9044 during office hours, or the Emergency Duty team: 0345 678 9040 out of office hours if further support is required.​

Who is a carer?

Someone of any age who provides unpaid care for another person (of any age) who may be ill, frail, with disabilities, have poor mental health or drugs and alcohol problems, meaning they're unable to manage without this care and support.

For more information about support available if you're caring for someone, please follow the links.

Shropshire Carers Support – contact Shropshire Carers on 01743 341995 or email: