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Carers feedback

Shropshire Carers Feedback System Synopsis

Shropshire Carers Support team want to hear the voices of unpaid and family carers in Shropshire. We want carers to have more opportunities to get involved in shaping services and support throughout Health and Social Care.

The Carer Feedback form will give carers and their representatives a means of feeding back their experiences with the whole Health and Social Care sector, including community and voluntary sector organisations and groups.

We want to hear what is working well and what may need improving so that we can share ‘best practice’ across the whole of Shropshire and send the feedback of poor experiences to the relevant support area eg, primary care; hospital trusts or adult social care for them to look at how they can improve that area of their service.

For people who do not have access to online forms who would like the opportunity to tell us about their experience, paper copies can be found in local libraries and will be distributed within local peer groups or, alternatively, Shropshire Carers Support team can note your feedback through telephone. You will not have to give your full name or contact details unless you would like to.

Shropshire Carers Support team contact details are: 01743 341995 Mon – Fri 9.00am till 5.00pm.

How it works

  • Carers or representatives leave their comments on the form, with an option for someone to call them to discuss further
  • The feedback is forwarded to the appropriate work area for response within 2 weeks
  • Carers or representatives are called, if contact details given, with an outcome from their feedback or update on the progress of the response from the receiving organisation
  • Contact with carer or representatives will be maintained until a final response has been received to the feedback
  • The feedback is collated into relevant groups/topics
  • A report will be taken to Shropshire Carers Partnership Board (SCPB), as a standing item on the Board agenda, of the types of feedback and any emerging patterns. The SCPB will feed the information into the Health and Wellbeing Board
  • An annual report from SCPB will be shared with Shropshire Council’s Information and Insights team for their annual public feedback report

The carers feedback form can be found here.