Shropshire Council

Carers Voice

During 2016/17, a group of carers and health and social care professionals formed a network across Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin in order to collect and analyse carers’ experiences through their own stories.

Four carer categories were reviewed during the project, which were; dementia, young carers, parent carers and forensic carers. A report was written and conference followed.

The detailed report can be found on the NHS England’s regional web site, please follow this link to view the document.

Outcomes of the report and conference have been mapped against respective strategies and action plans. This has been reviewed and agreed by both Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin Family Carers Partnership Boards.

Our key areas of work since the conference have been:

  • Mental Health Carers Working Group: linked to Carer Partnership Boards
  • Young carers workshops, which produced a short film and promotional material
  • Cross border working to improve the lives of carers
  • Working with local hospitals to raise carer awareness and provide information, advice and support
  • Planned autumn workshops for carers, with the key theme of "helping to take the pressure from caring"
  • Implementation of a joint communications plan
  • Publicity material targeting hidden carers

Work is ongoing, and further updates will be provided on this here on this webpage.