Shropshire Council

About Making it Real in Shropshire

In Shropshire we're using the name and approach of Making it Real (MiR) to make sure that social care services are responsive to the experience of people who use services, and their carers.


"I" and “we” statements

Through a series of what are called “I” and “we” statements, Making it Real set out what people who use services and carers (might) expect to see and experience if support services are truly personalised. These statements are a set of "progress markers" - written by real people and families - that can help an organisation to check how it's progressing towards transforming adult social care. The aim of Making it Real is for people to have more choice and control so they can live full and independent lives”. Take a look at the full set of “I” and “we” statements by following this link to the Think Local Act Personal website for the full PDF document.

The statements are produced by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) and they are part of the framework called ‘Making it Real – how to do personalised care and support’

Experts by experience

We want the voice of lived experience to be heard, valued and used to inform developments and practice in Shropshire’s adult social care services. Making it Real should question and provide challenges in the development of Adult Social Care.

We refer to people with lived experience as “experts by experience” (even though many may not see themselves as experts). This group is wide ranging and includes people who use (or have used) services and their carers, along with volunteers and staff. All have important insights to bring to the table.

We use three local advisory groups to feed ideas and experience through to our MiR Board. This is good, but we also have plans to work closely with various partnership boards. People can feed through to Making it Real in different ways and we welcome feedback by phone or email from people who can’t attend meetings. We post regular updates for discussion. You'll find meeting dates for 2020 by following this link.

In an effort to sum up what Making it Real is about in Shropshire, we've produced a ‘Plan on a Page’, (follow this link for the document). We think we’re on the right path. However, questions and contributions are always welcome. Add your voice and help us to support people to be heard? Join the conversation and help to shape the future of social care in Shropshire.