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Making it Real in 2020 - Wishing you a Happy 2020!

At our last Making it Real Board meeting in December we discussed the focus of Making it Real for the new year. We are well into January now and although you may not notice it, the days are getting just a little lighter. So, as we step out of January’s cold and dark, what’s ahead for Making it Real?

It’s always useful to return to the national Making it Real Framework devised by Think Local Act Personal. You can find a link to it on their website along with a welcome to 2020 from the Chair of their Programme Board, Clenton Farquharson.

Clenton worked with Shropshire a few times last year and always had something inspirational to offer. Part of his energy comes from a commitment to Making it Real and a drive to personalisation that is summed up in the introduction to the Making it Real framework:

“Personalisation is rooted in the belief that people want to have a life not a service. Making it Real is a framework and a set of statements that describe what good, citizen-focused, personalised care and support look like from the point of view of people themselves.

The statements can be used to inspire and motivate organisations to keep getting better at what they do. They apply to a broad range of organisations, including those in health, social care, housing and the voluntary and community social enterprise sector as well as user-led organisations”.  

There are 3 points here that are key to the way that we will use Making it Real in Shropshire this year.

People want to have a life not a service

This can only happen if people are involved in good conversations with local services that see the importance of the whole individual. This means developing trust & understanding and sharing a commitment to ensure people have greater control over their care and support. 

To inspire and motivate organisations to keep getting better at what they do

Take a moment to read the Making it Real ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements. The full framework and an excellent easy read version of the statements are available here. These are aspirational statements that Shropshire Adult Services have committed to. They set out what good support looks like and they can help at both an individual and an organisational level as we (citizens, services and organisations) make them “the way we do things round here”.

A broad range of organisations

We have made good progress within Shropshire’s Adult Services, although we realise there is a lot to do. In the last year, the commitment to the principles behind Making it Real has been key to the establishment a new Direct Payments Board (co-chaired by an Expert by Experience and the Director of Adult Social Care). Driven by this group, exciting work is taking place to look at care and support planning, ways of recruiting and supporting Personal Assistants and financial matters. View the Direct Payment newsletter for more information. Making it Real also supported a review of Carer Support in Shropshire. A series of recommendations captured in the Report – ‘Review of Offer for Carers in Shropshire’, will be taken forward by the Family Carers Partnership Board (the initial survey findings are captured here, and the full report is due soon.

With developments like these we are starting to see more Experts by Experience (that is people with day-to-day experience of social care) playing a role in the development of adult services. This is what Making it Real in Shropshire is all about in 2020: people / citizens and services working together as equals, using the ‘I’ and ‘We’ statements to help guide good conversations about getting better.

There is lots to do, and one other key target for 2020 will be to get that broad range of organisations (Health, Voluntary and Community Sector as well as the Council as a whole) to sign up to Making it Real. Having a life, not a service means good conversations happening between larger organisations as well as individuals. 

If you’d like to be part of these exciting conversations and developments, please get in touch.