Shropshire Council

MiR: our journey together

As we enter 2021, it is now a good time to review our journey so far and consider the next step for Making it Real in Shropshire.

Making it Real has been an inspiration behind our drive to enhance adult social care in Shropshire. In our work we echo the introductory words of TLAP’s ‘How to do Personalised Care and Support’:

“Personalisation is rooted in the belief that people want to have a life not a service. Making it Real is a framework and set of statements that describe what good, citizen focused, personalised care and support look like from the point of view of people themselves……The statements can be used to inspire and motivate organisations to keep getting better at what they do”.

We have used the framework and statements as a prompt to inspire “good conversations” between local people, commissioners and service providers in order to make services better and ultimately improve people’s lives.

Our approach to this task has taken us on an interesting journey, that at this moment has been interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The attached report is an attempt to sum up our journey together over the last seven years. It includes successes and issue, and I hope that it will provide the basis for further discussion about how we move forward in 2021 and beyond.

Stewart Smith (Development Officer – Personalisation)