Shropshire Council

Paying for your own care

A 'self-funder' is the term which describes someone who pays the full cost for their own care and support needs. You're likely to be a self-funder if you have:

  • Chosen not to approach us for help with your care and support needs; or
  • Had a care assessment from us, but not currently eligible for care and support services; or
  • Been assessed and you're eligible for care and support services, but you have savings or assets above the self-funding threshold set by the government

How much can I have in savings before I'm responsible for funding my own care?

If you have savings equal to or exceeding £23,250.00 then we don't have to provide any financial support, but you'll still be entitled to an assessment of your care needs, and information and advice on available services.

Savings below £23,250.00 and above £14,250.00 are taken into account, but don't exclude you from receiving funded support if this is required to meet your needs. You can find more information about the support available in Shropshire by reading our factsheets.

Support and advice for self-funders

Use our Community Directory to find out more about care at home, and our personal assistants information on how to look into recruiting a PA. The links on this page offer further advice and guidance on how to stay independent for as long as possible.