Shropshire Council

Paying for your own care


If you're paying for the full cost of the services you receive to live independently at home or in a care home, you are known as a self-funder.

A self-funder means that either:

  • You have chosen not to approach adult social care for help
  • You have chosen not to be financially assessed
  • You have been assessed but are not currently eligible for adult social care services
  • You have approached adult social care and your needs show you are eligible for social care support, however, your savings or assets are above £23,250

Where can I get help as a self-funder?

If we can't help with the costs of your care, you are still entitled to the same help as everyone else with accessing information and advice. For more information visit our seeking further financial advice page or the Money Advice Service.

We can carry out a care act assessment to help you with working out your care needs and preparing a care and support plan to help you meet your needs. We can do this by arranging an appointment for you to attend a Let's talk local session in your community or you may be visited at home by a social worker or a social care practitioner. There is no charge for this service.

If you live in your own home and you are not entitled to financial support from the council but you have eligible care needs, you can ask the council to arrange your care for you.

If you ask us to arrange your care for you, we will charge you a set-up fee. This will cover the council's costs in finding a care provider and negotiating the rate your provider will charge you for the services provided.

If you ask us to enter into a contract with a care provider on your behalf, we will charge you a weekly fee to cover our costs for making payments to the care provider, and sending you invoices for care charges. These charges are in addition to your care charges.

Self-funders – Brokerage fee

  • £450.00

This will cover the council's costs in finding a care provider for you and negotiating the rate they will charge for the services you need. An invoice will be sent to you after we have arranged your care with your chosen provider.