Shropshire Council

Idris's story

There have been inspirational changes in Idris Price’s life over the last few years. He now says “I am glad to be alive. Leave the past behind and look to the future”. This is quite a change for a man who was originally referred to the RVS by his medical practice because he wanted help with his shopping.

In fact, Idris had early stage Alzheimer’s and he felt scared about forgetting his way back home. After getting to know Idris the RVS Service Manager suggested he try out a support group called ‘Songs for You’ at Meole Brace Trinity Centre. ‘Songs for You’ is for all people to come and enjoy singing and meet new friends.

RVS arranged a driver and someone to accompany Idris and since then he has not looked back. Asked how things are going now and Idris says “I wake up every day glad to be alive”. People have told him he’s changed. He is now enthusiastic and positive. He has joined another singing group at the Baptist church and he attends a day centre one day a week. He has also given a talk at Lindale Court about his coal mining and pit pony days. When he meets new people he tells them all about the day clubs and singing.

Idris does have his “off days” but he says if he’s worried he goes and does something. “If you think positive, something good will come out of it” he said. “My life is a positive one. The help of the RVS has been excellent. Lee (my Service manager) and Andy (my driver) give up their valuable time in providing a very warm and welcome service, going to these activities has given me the confidence to mix with other people from all backgrounds and to be part of a fellowship with one aim in life and that is think positive, take things in life and enjoy them because there are plenty of opportunities for people.”