Shropshire Council

Rachael's story

‘Rachael’ cares for her son, ‘Gavin’ on a full-time basis.

Gavin, who is in his 30s has always lived at home with his mother; he has a learning disability and is a wheelchair user. Rachael has been known to the Carer Support team for some time. She has a named Carer Advisor, ‘Kim’ who is very familiar with Rachael and her caring role. Kim ensures that Rachael is involved in support groups and activities in her area, giving Rachael opportunities for respite and a chance to build friendships with other carers.

More recently, Rachael, who is in her 60s has started to experience repeated bouts of ill health - on more than one occasion this has led to short-term hospitalisation. Kim has registered Rachael onto the “Carers Emergency Response Service” which is an early response service whereby, in the event of an unforeseen emergency (for example when Rachael gets admitted to hospital), a Carer Support Worker will support Gavin at home, for up to 72 hours. This has enabled Rachael to go to hospital to attend to her own medical needs, safe in the knowledge that Gavin will be cared for by an experienced worker – in his home.

Kim has encouraged Rachael to think about Gavin’s future, given that it is likely that he will out-live his mother. With Kim’s support Rachael has been looking at local services that provide Supported Living facilities and Rachael is now planning the transition for Gavin to lead a more independent life. This means that Rachael can support Gavin in the transition towards a life that is less dependent on the care provided by his mother.