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Fairer costs for residential and nursing beds consultation

19 March 2019 Last updated at 09:52

Shropshire Council has launched a public consultation to look at ways to develop a ‘fairer’ cost for residential and nursing beds and we want to hear your views.

The consultation document details what the Council spends on nursing and residential care and outlines proposals to consult with providers.

The consultation which started Monday 18 March 2019 will run for 6 weeks until 26 April 2019 and is open to any interested parties across the county including resident, practitioners and voluntary organisations.

Shropshire Council currently spends just over £50 million per year on Nursing and Residential Care in total. The expenditure in 2017-18 excluding Adult Learning Disabilities (ALD) and Mental Health (MH) was £33.3m (Nursing care £17.7m, Residential Care £15.6m). 

The current arrangements for commissioning of residential and nursing beds are being reviewed to ensure that the council can meet the evolving needs of the county’s population.  This is during a time of significant change in the way that public services are funded, commissioned and delivered.

The scale of pressures for the county, including an aging population and reduced funding from central government means that the local authority needs to do things differently to make a permanent improvement for our residents and communities.

Shropshire Council have published and increased rates for residential and nursing beds annually, with a 2% increase in 17-18 and a 2.5% increase for 18-19. However, analysis of expenditure during 17-18 indicates that there is a wide variance in rates paid on a case by case basis.   It is recognised that the level of the rates the council currently offers have not been fundamentally reviewed for some years and consequently do not reflect current market pressures.

Councillor Lee Chapman, Cabinet Member for adult social care, health and housing said; 

“With continuous financial pressures and growing demands in adult social care, we must have effective commissioning arrangements to help moderate  escalation of cost and to create sustainable market conditions. “The focus of these proposals is to achieve a balance between managing expenditure and meeting demand whilst creating sustainability for the providers, choice for the individuals in the market place and maintaining standard of care.  “We understand that any transition to a revised pricing structure requires further exploration to understand the impact of any proposals.  The consultation period gives providers and their representatives the opportunity to review, comment upon and plan for any changes. “Feedback on this consultation will help us provide transparency and equity to our support our review and will ensure we can continue to provide a vibrant and resilient market place”

To have your say, you can get involved in the following ways:

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  • By telephoning 01743 258422; or
  • By post: A paper copy of the survey is included in the consultation document at Appendix 1. You can post this to:
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