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Our Corporate Plan is a key component of the strategic framework for this council, alongside the Financial Strategy 2016/17 to 2018/19. These are underpinned by strategies including the Opportunity Risk Strategy, Commercial Strategy, Asset Management Strategy and the Workforce Strategy, and inform the plans for the council’s service teams.

The Corporate Plan brings together corporate strategies and information, makes relevant links to service area strategies, and sets out how we are responding to the challenges set out above, in particular identifying the key outcomes and areas of work that the council is taking forward over the coming years. Our strategies range from how we support and manage our Highways Assets and Transport through to how we support and protect vulnerable people through our Early Help Strategy, Looked After Children Strategy, Corporate Parenting Strategy and Adult Social Care Strategy.

Our aim to ensure that as many services as possible are enabled and facilitated to be provided either by the council, or by others better able to do it. Despite the significant challenges we face, we are working positively and proactively to find the best solutions with our partners and communities, and the Corporate Plan sets out our ambitions on this basis. By linking our strategies we are able to deliver the Council’s high-level outcomes, work to reduce duplication of activity and focus resources. For example our ICT Strategy, Digital Strategy, Commercial Strategy and Workforce Strategy all pull together with the Corporate Plan and provide the context and direction for our response to the challenges we face and underpin the Council’s sustainable business model, presented in the Financial Strategy.

The high-level outcomes and the measures and key dates for changes to services in the Corporate Plan shape and populate our Performance Management Framework, and this information will be reported every three months to ensure that decisionmakers on Cabinet are assured that the council is progressing as planned, and that they can be held to account through the council’s scrutiny committees.


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