Shropshire Council


MyShropshire is an online portal which makes it easier and quicker for you to report an issue and track its progress in your local area.

Being online, you can access it anytime and anywhere without having to call us or visit us during our normal working hours.

Registering for an account is easy and takes just a couple of minutes, or you can simply report an issue as a guest. However, please be mindful that if you do report an issue as a guest, you won’t be able to track its progress.

We launched MyShropshire earlier this year and you can currently use it to access a number of services, including making a comment, compliment or complaint, or reporting various highways issues.

From later this month (November 2019) we will be adding even more services, enabling you to report things like fly tipping, dog fouling and litter.

Many of you are already using it and, by adding more services, we hope that even more of you will. It’s just the start though and we intend to keep adding to it on a regular basis.

As well as saving you time and allowing you to better interact with our services, online transactions cost us a lot less than a phone call or visit in person, with costs in the pence rather than pounds.

The money saved can then be used for the services we offer, such as adult social care or education. Every time you use MyShropshire you are helping us to continue to provide quality services for everyone.