Shropshire Council

Flag-flying policy

The union flag

The union flag is flown on a daily basis unless otherwise directed. Designated days for flying the union flag on UK government buildings:

  • 1 March: St David’s Day (in Wales)
  • 13 March: Commonwealth Day (second Monday in March)
  • 17 March: St Patrick’s Day (in Northern Ireland)
  • 9 April: His Majesty’s Wedding Day
  • 23 April: St George’s Day (in England)
  • 6 May: Coronation Day
  • 17 June: Official Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 21 June: Birthday of The Prince of Wales
  • 17 July: Birthday of The Queen Consort
  • 8 September: His Majesty’s Accession
  • 12 November: Remembrance Day (second Sunday in November)
  • 14 November: Birthday of His Majesty The King
  • 30 November: St Andrew’s Day (in Scotland)

Flying the flag at half mast

  • From the announcement of the death until after the funeral of the sovereign, except on Proclamation Day when flags are hoisted to full mast
  • The funerals of members of the royal family, upon command of the sovereign
  • The funerals of foreign rulers upon command of the sovereign
  • The funeral of prime ministers and ex-prime ministers of the UK upon command of the sovereign
  • Other occasions upon command of the sovereign

The county flag

The county flag is flown when the unitary council sits. This is also flown on Bligny Day to commemorate the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry battle on 6 June.

On the day of the announcement of death and the day of the funeral following the death of a councillor, former councillor or other prominent citizen of the county, it's flown at half-mast. On those occasions it supersedes the union flag.

Other flags

The following flags are also flown:

  • 1 March: St David’s Day – Welsh flag
  • 13 March: Commonwealth Day – Commonwealth flag
  • 24 – 26 March: Shrewsbury LBGT+ History – rainbow flag
  • 23 April: St George's Day – St George Cross
  • 17 May: International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Lesbophobia and Transphobia – Rainbow Flag
  • 4 July: USA Independence Day – US flag
  • 24 October: United Nations Day – UN
  • 30 November: St Andrew's Day – St Andrew's Cross

There may also be further requests to fly alternative/additional flags for specific occasions. This protocol is for the chief executive to agree to on a case-by-case basis. Any such flag will be in place of the union flag, as it would be inappropriate to fly such flags under the union flag. Should an event requiring the flying of the union flag occur during that period, that event shall take precedence