Shropshire Council

Frequently asked questions about A-boards

Do we need insurance cover for 'A' boards?

We ask that public liability insurance cover for £5million, and you will be required to demonstrate this.

Is there a charge for 'A' boards?

There is no charge or administration fee.

What is the highway?

The pavement is part of the highway, which extends from the centre of the road to your property boundary.

A pavement or footway is a through fare for pedestrians. This includes pedestrian zones.

Is there a limit to the amount of pavement I can use?

Your 'A' board needs to be proportional and not obstruct the footway in any way.

Is planning permission required to use a A-board?

Not normally for 'A' boards. However, existing by-laws or conservation areas may restrict or prevent the use of A boards.

Please refer to planning or conservation teams on 0345 678 9004 via our customer services centre for further information.

If the 'A' board is on private property does this criteria apply?

Not normally, as it is not classed as a public highway. However, other restrictions may apply. Please refer to the above question.

If my 'A' board is considered to be a hazard, will it be removed?

Yes, Shropshire Council will remove any A-board considered to be a hazard or obstruction.