Shropshire Council

Shropshire armed forces footprint

Royal Air Force Shawbury

RAF Shawbury is the home to the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) whose task is to provide basic helicopter training for the pilots of the three services.

RAF Shawbury is also the home of the School of Air Operations Control (SAOC). The SAOC is the UK military training centre for all RAF and Royal Navy air traffic controllers, as well as flight operations officers and assistants. It also provides phase three training for ATM instructors and specialist area radar controller training.

Royal Air Force Cosford

RAF Cosford is the home to many units and organisations, including the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering (DSAE), RAF Aerosystems Engineer and Management Training School (AE&MTS) and the Defence School of Photography, to name but a few.

HQ 11 Signal & West Midlands Brigade

Headquarters 11th Signal and West Midlands Brigade is located at Donnington, near Telford, and covers Shropshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Their role is to provide administrative support for around 8,000 army personnel based in the region, as well as forming a vital link between the army and our local communities.

Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment

'1 R Irish' is proud of its heritage and distinctive Irish fighting spirit. Recently the Battalion has been deployed on military operations across the globe. Deployments have included capacity building in Ukraine and Mali, training teams to Bangladesh, Burundi, Sierra Leone, and overseas exercises to Germany and Spain. Home in Shropshire is at Clive Barracks near Market Drayton.

202 Field Hospital

202 (Midlands) Field Hospital forms part of the Army Medical Services (AMS). As a field hospital, 202 provides secondary care. A field hospital is a hospital that can be deployed anywhere in the world and set up using tents or existing buildings to provide medical care to soldiers and, if need be, civilians, in the field. Staff are based at the Reserve Centre in Shrewsbury, Copthorne Barracks.

8th Battalion the Rifles

8 Rifles is The Rifles' Reserve Infantry Battalion and is paired with 1 Rifles. It is comprised of 500 part-time soldiers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Reserve service in 8 Rifles allows individuals to work outside the army and commit to being a rifleman part time. Training takes place over periodic weekends throughout the year, training nights during the week and for a consolidated two-week period each year.

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159 Regiment the Royal Logistic Corps

159 Regiment RLC is an army reserve regiment based in the Midlands. The regiment’s role is to manage the army’s supply chain on operations - getting the right kit, to the right people at the right time.

705 Royal Navy Air Squadron

The squadron, part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire, is where all Royal Navy pilots are put through their paces. Every Royal Navy rotary pilot will be trained at 705 NAS.

Armed Forces Career Office, Shrewsbury

The AFCO is located at 2nd Floor, Princess House, The Square, Shrewsbury SY1 1JZ (phone: 01743 232678).

Army Cadet Force Shropshire

Under the watchful eye of experienced instructors Shropshire ACF supports over 500 cadets aged from 12 – 18 years. They have 22 detachments located around the county covering all of Shropshire, all of them are waiting to give a warm welcome to any young person or adult who may be interested in joining their organisation.

Air Training Corps

The ATC promotes and encourages a practical interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force among young people. They provide training which will be useful in the services and civilian life, while encouraging the spirit of adventure and developing qualities of leadership and good citizenship. There are 11 Shropshire squadrons based in Shropshire.

Sea Cadets

The Telford Sea Cadets is the only sea cadet unit in the county of Shropshire, and happily accept cadets from all areas of the county. It's part of the Mercia District, which falls into the South West Area of the Sea Cadet Corps. The Telford Sea Cadets have been in existence since the mid 1960s, and have been an ever present member of the cadet forces in Shropshire since then.