Shropshire Council

The Sustainability Forum

The forum is hosted by Shropshire Council to discuss projects that will reduce the council's carbon footprint and save money by reducing energy costs. The scope may be widened to include our influence on private sector, domestic and industry.

Project themes under consideration include the following:

  1. Act as effective demonstrators and have measurable outputs
  2. Tangibly influence the countywide carbon footprint
  3. Be quantifiable in terms of revenue savings as well as carbon savings
  4. Have a wider sustainability remit

This forum is open to selected external delegates as well as internal staff.

To be successful, the sustainability agenda needs to follow a multi-discipline and ‘joined up approach’ linking:

  • Transport
  • Buildings (energy use)
  • Energy Generation
  • Supply chain
  • Food
  • Waste
  • Procurement

Our overall sustainability strategy needs to take account of economic, social and environmental policies, and engineering solutions.

The forum meets at 2pm for an hour on the fourth Wednesday of the month in Shirehall, Shrewsbury. Room location will vary according to availability.

Please contact us for more information.